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Hat Trick Hank


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Calling all:

Music lovers, CBC listeners, and hockey fans.

So, I wrote a song about hockey. The song, Hat Trick Hank, has been entered into CBC's "Next Great Hockey Song" contest. The recording has more of a country sound than I would have liked but I gave up some creative control in exchange for a good quality recording.

Anyway, you can listen to the song on the CBC website and you can vote for it. Online voting opened today and runs until Dec 11th; you can vote once per day, per internet devise, for the next two weeks.

Surf on over to the CBC site, listen, and vote:


Vote at work,

Vote at home,

Vote on your phone,

Vote on your kids' phones

...you get the idea. :)

Also, feel free to share it via e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc. The more listens, likes, playlist adds, and votes

the song gets, the more likely it is to get noticed by one of the judges.

Thanks Skanks!


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Thanks for the encouragement folks! The voting period continues for another week and a half (until Dec 11th) so keep on voting once a day.

And as for this...

just seeing the title of this thread gets the song in my head for hours on end.

...I'm not sure whether to say thanks or sorry!

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There are only two days left in this voting period.

Thanks for all the support so far folks; if you get a chance please vote each day between now and Wednesday at 11pm EST.


Another way to log a vote is to listen to the song again but on a different internet browser (i.e., if you used Chrome the first time you listened, please listen to it using Safari, Explore, or Firefox). Each first-listen per browser counts as a vote. :content:

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Exciting news!

Hat Trick Hank made the Top 50 songs!!

This will be announced on tonight’s broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada. Thank you for your voting and helping me move forward in the Song Quest contest.

The next round of voting begins today, with the goal of making the Top 10.

Starting today at 4pmET you can vote once a day.


Here are ways you can support the song in this contest:

1) Vote once per day, per internet device from today until Thursday Dec 19th. Some people asked me to remind them to vote daily; if you would like me to send you a daily reminder to vote just PM me your e-mail address.

2) Listen to the song once on every internet browser. If you have Chrome, Firefox, Safari and/or Explorer on one computer please play the song on each one. Play it once at work and once at home. The first time the song is played on every internet browser adds to the total number of plays (and each play counts as a vote).

3) Continue to spread the word:

-Tell your music-loving and hockey-watching friends and colleagues!

-Ask friends to share it, tweet it and post it!

-Know someone on a hockey team? Ask them to send the link to players and fans!

-Visiting a friend’s house? Use their computer and make the site their homepage. ;)

4) Keep your fingers crossed for Hank!

Thanks folks!

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Ha! Toooo funny NW! :P

You're right, I'm getting a much warmer response from this contest than I did in Fergus...and that judge was a deadhead fercryinoutloud, how could I not have won?! Haha.

Last day to vote for this round folks. I'll update all y'all on Saturday as to what happens. Thanks for all the support!

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Meet Hat Trick Hank

Meet Hat Trick Hank

Orangeville songstress reaches top 50 in CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s Song Quest

Orangeville Banner

By Shannon Lough

A local Orangeville musician’s hockey song is in the top 50 for CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s Song Quest.

Anne Thomson composed “Hat Trick Hank†three years ago and couldn’t resist entering the song in the competition to find Canada’s next great hockey song.

The song has a country twang that tells a story about an “enigmatic†romantic hockey player, with the chorus “he’s aggressive on the ice but he’s a lover with his wife,†that gets stuck in your head.

Thomson is a full-time teacher and student. She teaches at the Pine River Institute for teens with addictions while working on her Masters of Social Work through the University of Windsor. The school has an outdoor ice rink in the winter where the students play hockey every morning. She said she sees her students “blossom†as they strap on their skates. Thomson’s song is representative of how hockey can bring out another side of someone, as it does with her students.

“Who you are on the ice isn’t necessarily who you are off the ice,†Thomson said.

As for Thomson, she said she’s the opposite of Hank.

“I’m kind of a bumbling fumbling hockey player,†she said.

Thomson may be awkward on the ice, but she’s a talented musician for someone who only jams with friends around a campfire and doesn't play professionally.

Owner of Aardvark Music & Culture, Perry Joseph, has known Thomson for seven years. Joseph said he had no idea she played until she performed a song for him three years ago.

Joseph asked her when she started playing and she told him “I just picked it up.â€

Joseph knows her as one of the most “passionate followers of other people’s music†and because of this he believes she “deserves lots of support herself.â€

Thomson recorded the version of the song heard on the CBC website with local recording artist Bruce Ley in October for this competition.

If Thomson wins, she will record a studio version of Hat Trick Hank with Canadian musician Joel Plaskett and her song will be broadcasted at the beginning of Hockey Night in Canada.

“I don’t know where it will go from here. I think I have a chance. We’ll have to wait and see,†Thomson said.

Listen and vote for Thomson’s song “Hat Trick Hank†on the CBC website before the end of Thursday (Dec. 19) to advance her to the top 10 list where she’ll continue to the final round.

Visit http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Anne-Thomson to hear the song.

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