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Discussion Item of the Day 02-24-03


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Well I would hypnotize my boss for a raise, and Fridays off. [big Grin]

I would hypnotize nero and have them sign contracts to play at least one gig a month in Ottawa. [Razz]

I would hypnotize BradM to copy and share all those shows!!!![Wink]

I would hypnotize my mother and have her smoke a joint a day for the rest of her life. Maybe open her mind up to happiness a bit.

I would hypnotize Dr. Hux to shave his head of every precious, luscious strand of hair so that I may be the pretty one in the band. [Wink] While hypnotized I may as well have him cry like a baby every time someone mentions Bobby. (Did someone already do this?) [Wink]


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Well, I am cheating a bit. I dont know this dude, and I just read this on the PT message board. I would hypnotize him, to help him get his memory back......................

I just got released from prison from an incident that occured on 2/16 phish in vegas.

As some of you may know, i was just released from rehab 1 and half weeks prior to the vegas shows. I have been clean from marijuana and drinking for the last 4 weeks. My new policy was so consume drugs that i could only take orally (stuff in pill form), things like acid and shrooms. I went to the 2/15 show and tripped my balls off, needless to say i had a great time. The llama openor was off the hook.

Then on 2/16 i ate a little too much acid. I admit i went a little crazy, the cops arrested me in the lot. The officer asked what i had on me, i told him what i had, 1 visine bottle and and a bag of shrooms. In reality the visine bottle was full of acid, but i did not let the cop know that. The cop examined both items, and asked me to put the visine in my eyes. I put a drop in each eye and he booked me only for the shrooms. When i got to county, the acid hits from the eyes kicked in and i blanked out. I don't remember the first 2 days of the jail experience, all i know is that when i awoke from my slumber i was missing my shoes and my shirt was tucked in ( i always leave it untucked). Anyways i was released from jail on friday (the judge dismissed the case because apparently there was some tampering of evidence) and I got home yesterday. My question to the phish community is, can acid damage your eyes? my vision seems to be ok, but when i try to read i get sorta this eye strain. is this common? any help is greatly appreciated.

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