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  1. Had a chance to watch the first 10 minutes and it looks fun Greg. Nice work... Again!
  2. Now thats alot to live up to i mean there's Phish and the Dead touring in 09, The Boss is coming to Toronto, didnt I hear Prince this year too? But this is gonna be the GREATEST ROCK SHOW of 09 People! and only 5 bones. Thats some hype!
  3. Big deal. If they could bring that sort of intensity and defensive play all season that would be a different story.
  4. What an insane feeling this guy must still be feeling at this moment... watch.
  5. 1- Although hearing of them, I have never really listened to any Metallica. 2- Sure, Stefanie Meyer is quite famous, but I just don't get it. 3- I don't care what anybody says, television (the TV not the band, though they rock too) is awesome. 4- The Grateful Dead redefined music for me, dude. 5- fuÇk Oprah !!!! (It's a love hate relationship with work)
  6. Tonight... Continental flight operated by Colgan Air i believe was the name.. 48 on board crashed into a residential house. Its all over CNN and other newschannels right now. Thoughts and prayers out to the people on board and their families.
  7. ForbinHood


    Not sur eif it was from this but i love our "I enjoy sneezing" sticker on our truck.
  8. Pretty sure its today, or yesterday, or tomorrow. I know you've been partying , playing and promoting like a rock star all weekend. Happy Birthday Jay, Cheers to ya! Rastafari.
  9. ForbinHood

    Dr. Dog

    i'm jealous brother. You dont understand. Throw down hard for me and enjoy a creemore or two eh!
  10. Go. I flew and it was no problem at all. Hell i met my future wife there. I know thats not an issue for ya Jay. It is an event that we are both dying to get back to. Its a weekend of magic is the best way I can put it!
  11. I absolutely LOVE this show. I wish I had of met my wife back in 95 as it would have given us an excuse to visit the inlaws in Lincoln.
  12. Care to share said rumors in a pm Sean? Would love a good reason to head to Ottawa with a baby in the summer!
  13. Thanks so much guys... still dont know how to post pics here but i have 6 quick little shots up on my facebook page... I have passed on all you love and thoughts to Mellie as well... she and baby are at the hospital doing wonderfully. I am about to pass out in front of the TV for a long time.
  14. was born at 1:50 AM by c section on Tuesday February 3rd, 2009. Mellie was an absolute inspiration through an incredibly trying day. She began labor at 7 am this morning, called for the drugs in the middle of the afternoon and she never received them until mid evening. All to find out she couldnt deliver naturally and needed the c. Garreth is a beautiful baby boy with all 5 fingers and toes. Pictures and birthweight to follow. I have to head back to the hospital to see how my beautiful wife and child are doing. Much love all!
  15. Corn chowder and a crazy ass mexican dip made last night.. mmm cream cheese and taco seasoning, refired bean, sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese. Bring on the pre game!
  16. Great Lake Swimmers. Getting excited to see they booked a show up here in March.
  17. ForbinHood

    Dr. Dog

    If this was in June or later id be all over it in a second. Same with the Flight of the Conchords. Boo.
  18. Here are Flight of the Conchords' tour dates: April 6: Tampa, Fla. (Tampa Bay PAC) April 7: Coral Gables, Fla. (U of M Bank United Center) April 8: Orlando, Fla. (UCF Arena) April 10: Nashville (Ryman Auditorium) April 11: Atlanta (Fox Theater) April 13: Washington, D.C. (DAR Constitution Hall) April 14: New York (Radio City Music Hall) April 17: Boston (Agganis Arena) April 18: Philadelphia (Tower Theater) April 19: Kent, Ohio (Kent State University) April 21-22: Toronto (Massey Hall) April 24: Detroit (Fox Theater) April 25: Bloomington, Ind. (IU Auditorium) April 26: Madison, Wis. (Overture Center) April 28: Chicago (Arie Crown Theater) April 30: St. Louis (Fox Theater) May 2: Milwaukee (Riverside Theater) May 3: Minneapolis (Northrop Auditorium) May 5: Dallas (Nokia Theater) May 6: Houston (Jones Hall) May 7: Austin, Texas (Bass Concert Hall) May 10: Vancouver (Center for the Performing Arts) May 11-12: Seattle (Paramount Theater) May 14: Portland, Ore. (Schnitzer Hall) May 16: Morrison, Colo. (Red Rocks) May 17: Salt Lake City (Abravanel Hall) May 19: Phoenix (Dodge Theater) May 20: San Diego (RIMAC Arena) May 22: Santa Barbara, Calif. (County Bowl) May 23: Las Vegas (the Joint) May 24: Los Angeles (Greek Theater) May 25: Berkeley, Calif. (Community Theater These dates were posted on a reuters/ Billboard article.
  19. This just might bring us in from the north... depending on the time of year.
  20. Hey starhead they are playing up here in April and I wanna hit it up bad.. .wanna road trip?
  21. IM with ya SK... with my boy due any day now I have more important priorities. While I will be jonesin for the shakedown fun and that openning drumroll to Hood, I know my time will come down the line.
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