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  1. ::NEWSFLASH:: Habs finish worse than Leafs. You heard it here first.
  2. Here's hoping the Habs take a chance on Redden.
  3. I just remembered we picked up Latendresse!!! Without Cowen our defence looks horrendous... Special K, Gonchar, Big Rig...who else, Methot? Borocop? Wiercioch? wooooooo!!! Go Sens!
  4. Go back to looking for triceratops's hat.
  5. I just realized I didn't travel for any shows this year... Toronto for Rheostatics was the only one... Thankfully Tom Cochrane and Red Rider played here at home.
  6. holy shitballs!! Id completely forgotten about this!!! woooooooohoooooooooo
  7. Stay away from smokers??? Do e-cigs count? I've been asked numerous times if people can smoke these on the bus.... "Only if you share" I say
  8. What's this crap you kids are listening to these days. GAWD
  9. In all honesty, I think his iconic white shirt vest combo were just at the cleaners...
  10. Yippee! Can't wait for you guys to descend on the Tdot. And on a school night no less. Missing this makes me sad too.
  11. There should be some sort of joke: "How many hipster douchebags can fit into a bar?" "Dunno, how many?" "Call Zaphods and ask the attendance at the last Zeus show. Include the band members." I kid I kid, (kinda) I enjoyed the live music.
  12. the jazz infused scat interlude was amazeballs
  13. DUDE!!! ack...there's still plenty so I hear...if you need help procuring them, lemme know.
  14. Hey folks...Seems I have an extra ticket...It's an online ticket, and would require you to be with me when we "check in." I believe that's how Maverick's does it. Anyways, any takers? 17 bucks.
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