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need some assistance...


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ok, I keep getting the most annoying popups--- they are grey, and are just messages from messenger??? or something, how the fuck do I get rid of them!!! or better yet, where do I find the individual responsible... I would love their phone number so I can call them during the night and hangup... fuckers!!! ::

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sounds like you've got some nasty spyware happening, perhaps even a trojan/virus

get trojanhunter (from suprnova.org) scan the system, delete all shitass trojans, if any. Also you'll want to run adaware/pest patrol or some other spyware program.

check your task manager, see whats running in processes, if you see anything wonky, you'll have to start pulling stuff out of the registry. if so I'll walk you through it, try trojanhunter/pest patrol first, should fix it all.

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#2 - It's not a virus

It's the messenger system in your operating system that needs to be turned off - it's a very simple problem.

If you have WinXP click here

Basically, all you have to do is:

start - run - services.msc

go down to "messenger"

right click - properties,

Startup type: Disabled

Service status: press Stop

restart computer, all done

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How about this,

I was on my home comp last night and it just kicked out of what I was doing and told me (via black DOS screen) it was having problems and to use the boot disc to fix it, I tried restarting but now I can't get by that screen. WTF, I've got like 50 gigs of music to burn, help.

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thank you everyone for all the advice... and Weezy, worked like a charm.... :: they are so bloody annoying... especially when you leave your computer on for a while, and they are all different sizes!!!! aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!! (would still like to know who is responsible)

bring-bring--- hello? click..... hahaha

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I've been getting those popups too, but fairly infrequently. Today though a few times my computer went beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep and a zillion popups came up, so I followed Weezy's advice which seems to have eliminated the popups.


Now if I try to click a link that takes me to a new browser window (ie clicking "Cavern" from the jambands front page), nothing happens.


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That IS a virus - go to HERE first, try and do a virus scan - sometimes the worm hinders the scan, so if that doesn't work, try this as well: CLICK HERE

D'load the Symantec worm blaster thingamajig and run it - I think you might have the blaster worm. If it turns out you do, AFTER you remove it, go to Windows update and install the patch that will protect your computer from this shite.

Then get a firewall!

g'luck Todd

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