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YES at ACC tonight and this afternoon at SAM'S


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FRI MAY 7 2004 8:00PM

Tickets CA $42.50 -$55.00 plus service charges.

Also YES will be doing an autograph session at SAM THE RECORD MAN's Superstore on Yonge St. from 1-3PM.

I hope to see you all there.

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I will tell Steve How thanks "Jhamie" for you and me. I actually have met the band before in 2002 when Rick Wakeman came back into the fold. A friend of mine, Andrew, works for Q107 and got us back stage passes. I got autographs from everyone except for Steve Howe, who is my favorite player in the band. So when I go today it will be exclusively for him. All the others were quite splendid to meet and were very funny.

Rick Wakeman said that "There is a contest going on and if we could name how many notes were performed at tonights show, within one hundred, then we could go on the rest of the tour for free."

I love english humour.

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if you bump into Steve Howe at Sam's tell him "Thanks!" from Jhamie in Hamilton for "The Clap" as I really enjoyed it a lot as a young man

Jhamie... you've had the clap? And you got it from Steve Howe? I hear it's pretty painful - I don't know how you could possibly have enjoyed it.

:: ;) ::

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Jhamie... you've had the clap? And you got it from Steve Howe? I hear it's pretty painful - I don't know how you could possibly have enjoyed it.

Actually it's funny 'cus Steve Howe really named that piece "Clap" (no "The") for the very reason of avoiding that joke, but unfortunately Jon Anderson called it "The Clap" in his intro on The Yes Album, and that's how it got listed on the sleeve. But if you ever see it on Yes setlists or subsequent live albums, it's usually just listed as "Clap".

It looks like after much hemming and hawing, it looks like I'm going to this show after all. Any news on cheap late-release seats or anything like that? I used to love Yes so much, but I'm still not big on the idea of spending 60 bucks (which is what it adds up to with the S/C and crap) on seeing them in 2004. Still, I saw a setlist from the current tour and couldn't resist.

For anyone who wants a spoiler, there's one on the Q107 site:


Yes usually plays basically the same set every night on a tour, so with minor variations this is probably more or less what they'll play.


Mr. M.

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I'm very happy I decided to go to this gig. This was my seventh YES concert, but over the last four times the band had come to Toronto I went to every other one.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed every YES concert that I have attended. It's just that they don't change up there set much from tour to tour, and from night to night they don't change it up at all.

My good friend Andrew convinced me to go and I'm so glad I did as this was the most eclectic set I have seen YES perform, ever.

Gone were 'Starship Trooper', 'Heart Of The Sunrise', 'Siberian Khatru' (their classic opener), 'Closer To The Edge' and 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart'.

In their place were tunes I had never heard the band perform live before, like 'Sweet Dreams', 'Mind Drive' (my favorite song of the night, I think it's the best YES song of the last twenty plus years), 'Turn Of The Century', 'Footprints', 'The Meeting', 'Time Is Time', 'Second Initial', 'Ritual...' and 'Every Little Thing' (classic Beatles track from the 1964 album 'The Beatles for Sale').

The stage was kind of cheesy, I expected more in that department for their 35th Anniversary Tour. And so were their clothes for that matter, but that's YES for you. They often have Spinal Tap moments on stage.

I still love watching the band perform, especially Steve Howe. Through out the night Howe performed fourteen different guitars, mandolins, pedal steels, etc.

Here's the set from the show plus the albums that the songs originated on:

Start 8:05PM

I: Intro: Firebird Suite

1. Going For The One (Going For The One, 1977)

2. Sweet Dreams (Time And A Word, 1969)

3. I've Seen All Good People (The Yes Album, 1971)

4. Mind Drive (Part 1) (Keys To Ascension 2, 1997)

5. South Side Of The Sky (Fragile, 1972)

6. Turn Of The Century (Going For The One, 1977)

7. Footprints (Intro) (Keys To Ascension 2, 1997)

8. Mind Drive (Part 2) (Keys To Ascension 2, 1997)

9. Yours Is No Disgrace (The Yes Album, 1971)

Finish 9:15PM (1h10m)

Start 9:32PM (break 17m)

II: Acoustic Set: 10. The Meeting (Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe, 1989)

11. Long Distance Runaround (Fragile, 1972)

12. Wonderous Stories (Going For The One, 1977)

13. Time Is Time (Magnification, 2001)

14. Roundabout (Fragile, 1972/acoustic version on Ultimate Yes, 2004)

15. Show Me (Ultimate Yes, 2004)

16. Second Initial (Steve Howe Not Necessarily Acoustic, 1994) End of Acoustic Set

17. Rhythm Of Love (Big Generator, 1987)

18. And You And I (Close To The Edge, 1972)

19. Ritual Nous Sommes Du Soleil (Tales From Topographic Ocean, 1974)

Finish 10:24PM

Encore 10:26PM (Break 2m)

20. Every Little Thing (Yes, 1969)

21. Soon (From Gates Of Delirium) (Relayer, 1974)

End 11:02PM (1h29m)

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it was an ok show. i almost fell asleep midway through, and the person beside me was snoring seven songs in.

the musicmanship on stage was excellent. the sound in the arena was very poor. worst sound at any acc concert i've ever seen.

i'd rate the show a 6/10.

We actually couldn't give away TWO FREE tickets before the show!

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great show musically,

but the sound was definately not loud enough!!

...in between songs people were yelling at the sound guy to turn it up....we were only about 30 rows back, and you could talk at a normal volume comfortably, in fact i could even hear other peoples conversations around me..

Visually however it was a great show, with the constantley changing stage designed by roger dean(remenisent of their seventies stage, but still not quite the same...i expected it to be more mechanical, not so inflatable, but it was still cool)

I liked hearing some of the tunes they dont usually play much like "sweet dreams",.... and the acoustic set was a real treat with the chicago blues style "roundabout"....."Turn of the century" and "Yours is No Disgrace" kicked my ass too!!

I took a bunch of pictures, I post them soon!

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Last night was great! I paid $40 for seventh row, seat 8.

Gotta love them skelpers. I was sitting right next to the dude with the long hair that was dancing like crazy. Another bonus was that my buddy found 2 shirts that someone forgot under their seat after the show!

Nice pics fretman! I found the music was very loud from where I was sitting! Wonder why you couldn't hear?

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