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See you in july**Update** deal worked out.


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Well,times a ticking,less then 8 hours until court.

Hopefully,it works out and I'm only locked up for a couple weeks instead of the whole month.I guess a months not so bad in the big scheme of things,but truth be told here,I pretty freaked out,this will be my first ever visit to a correctional institution,outside of 2 days in the drunk tank.

This would be about the moment I could sure use a joint,I knew I should have grabbed some earlier,I've attempted to sleep twice now,but am starting to think that just staying awake all night may be the best idea,might help me actually sleep tomorrow night.Still got me more then half a case of beer but for some reason the appeal or taste for it (so far) hasn't grabbed me and thats another thing that freaks me out.

I'll be giving Paisley my ma's contact info so he can pass along any info on my situation.I imagine it will be a couple days before I even know what the fuck is happening,but by lunch time tomorrow I'll know how long I'll be,so hopefully Paisley can get a hold of my ma and let ya'll know how it went.

I think this would be the first time in many a year that I am truly scared of the unknown and certianly not welcoming it as I usually do.I think thats the worst part,just not knowing,I know I won't have any problems in there as I am not a small guy or afraid of anyone,but I do believe that I may a bit afraid of whatever is ahead of me the next couple days.

So,I'm going to crack a beer and try to relax for a bit,perhaps spend some more time online or play some guitar,although my focus is pretty sketchy right now....I'm sort of rambling with no direction here anyway..

Have a good one folks and enjoy whatever shows come your way,if all goes better then expected I'll be at Little Feat dancing my fuckin brains out until I fall down or puke,but if not,then it'll be Canada day weekend.


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I imagine it will be right here in Hamilton at Barton Street jail,but it could be else where,guess it all depends on the amount of folks already in or up to the judge.

I really have no idea what to expect or what is going to happen after the gavel is down...

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The beer is going down now and fast...looks like I'll be drunk in no time....I think they may be the best tasting ones this year...so far...

Dylan & beer,friends and quiet.4 things I'm gonna miss so fuckin much...argh

They sat together in the park

As the evening sky grew dark,

She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones.

'Twas then he felt alone and wished that he'd gone straight

And watched out for a simple twist of fate.

They walked along by the old canal

A little confused, I remember well

And stopped into a strange hotel with a neon burnin' bright.

He felt the heat of the night hit him like a freight train

Moving with a simple twist of fate.

A saxophone someplace far off played

As she was walkin' by the arcade.

As the light bust through a beat-up shade where he was wakin' up,

She dropped a coin into the cup of a blind man at the gate

And forgot about a simple twist of fate.

He woke up, the room was bare

He didn't see her anywhere.

He told himself he didn't care, pushed the window open wide,

Felt an emptiness inside to which he just could not relate

Brought on by a simple twist of fate.

He hears the ticking of the clocks

And walks along with a parrot that talks,

Hunts her down by the waterfront docks where the sailers all come in.

Maybe she'll pick him out again, how long must he wait

Once more for a simple twist of fate.

[color:"red"] People tell me it's a sin

To know and feel too much within.

I still believe she was my twin, but I lost the ring.

She was born in spring, but I was born too late

Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

excuse me folks...I'm stressin here and needing to vent...somthing anyway.

Strange how a messege board can be a comfort...even if all my friends aren't online...well one is at this time anyway.

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Thanks guys,I'm just enjoying a smoke then its off to the courthouse.I'm hoping my trial date is later today,can't seem to find the papers with the time on it,but somehow I figure it'll be first thing this morning,so I probally won't be back online today.

Keep smilin' folks.

Talk to ya'll later.

"Oh, help me in my weakness,"

I heard the drifter say,

As they carried him from the courtroom

And were taking him away.

"My trip hasn't been a pleasant one

And my time it isn't long,

And I still do not know

What it was that I've done wrong."

Well, the judge, he cast his robe aside,

A tear came to his eye,

"You fail to understand," he said,

"Why must you even try?"

Outside, the crowd was stirring,

You could hear it from the door.

Inside, the judge was stepping down,

While the jury cried for more.

"Oh, stop that cursed jury,"

Cried the attendant and the nurse,

"The trial was bad enough,

But this is ten times worse."

Just then a bolt of lightning

Struck the courthouse out of shape,

And while ev'rybody knelt to pray

The drifter did escape

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Guess whose not in jail yet?

Not sure what happend 100% here,but I got my sentencing put over until friday so I can get a job before hand and only do weekends.I may have a buddy who can hire me or at least claim he has.I waited through a couple short trials,then went up to the defense desk,but my defense was no where to be found so the judge ordered I speak to another duty concil before we continue,in doing so this duty concil had the best plan and was able to talk to the judge and crown about my situation.He also told me to get a letter from the cancer clinic explaining what has been done to my back,as in surgeries and what type of back pain I endure daily,so today or tomorrow I'm at the cancer clinic getting a letter,although it won't keep me out of jail,it may help lessen the sentence even furthur.

This was part the duty concils idea and also the crown suggested that he would rather see me working and doing a few weekends instead of wasting the tax payers and my time by making me do 30 days.He also told the duty concil to go for the minimum,which is 21 days,in which I will do 14 days total,with a job thats 4 weekends the judge said.The crown was more then helpful in making sure this works,as was the amazing duty concil (which shocked the hell ouuta me).

So,now I need to get an employer,which shouldnt be too hard and then return to court friday morning for sentencing,which as long as I have a job or letter stating I do I guess means that I will start my weekends this friday night.Unfortunatley,I will be in for the Canada day weekend,but I think this will be alot better now then going in for the whole amount at once,or at least easier to deal with for me anyway.I'll get to enjoy my weekdays a free man.

Seems I have "friends" also,or so the crown said to my ma & I...whatever that meant,I wasn't going to ask.

I feel kinda dumb here though with all my stress and negative posting last night.Here I sit typing this stuff to you.Rest assured I ma not bullshitting ya'll here,this came as a complete shock to me & my mother.

I'm still going to jail,but at least now it appears it will be alot less then originally stated by the first crown I talked to last week.I think weekends maybe better anyway,well maybe not when I'm in for the others there,but I feel for me this is the better route.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and good vibes,it is so much appreciated and I'd like to think ya'll had somthing to do with this happening because it was not suppose to be this way,not in the least.I guess the "friends" comment the crown made now extends to everyone here,and this fly by duty concil and his grerat idea and way with words.

Thanks you...I'm still in shock here after this crazy day.

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I am completley blown away right now,it looks like I may have a job from a buddy.I hope he can work me into his payroll,even at minimum wage it would be somthing,or less then minimum even I would take.

My apology's for the drama threads about jail,but like I said,after my meeting last week with the crown attorney,things were looking bleak as to a bit of a break in this.

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Wicked man, I would think 4 weekend stints would be waaaay easier than a month. This way you'll be a visitor as opposed to a resident. That's gotta be easier...

Maybe now if you go back on friday with a job in hand, they'll see you as an upstanding citizen and just say fuck it all together. Or since you have a job, pay a fine or something... Seems like anything can happen.

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I'm feeling rather foolish though,making a big deal outta this and then finding out it isn't going to be as it originally was suppose to be,I'm very glad the crown attorney who was prosecuting was as easy going about this.I'm guessing it has to do with the fact he was involved in a big murder trial in Hamilton here and after 4 years or somthing he finished it the other day,which he won also,I actually had saw him on TV just last weekend talking about the trial he was involved in.I guess to him I'm nothing or my charge is anyway,either way he was alright and the duty concil was better then any lawyer I've had in the past.

Again folks,thanks and I want ya'll to know this isn't bullshit,though it must seem like it by the thread and my posts the last lttle while,but truthfully,it was suppose to be different then this,alot worse.

At least for me anyway....

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Guest Low Roller

[color:"purple"]I want the old bitter Esau back. This new lovey-dovey version isn't doing it for me.

(Congrads man. I'm glad everything worked out for the better! ::)

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