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Wook haikus


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i live in the lot

i make my money off kids

heady spaghetti


phish is no more

doing string cheese tour

i sell danker nugs


So spun I throw up.

Sorry, brah, to dose your girl

With heady vomit.


all wooks make me sick

why can't they just take a bath?

It's fu©king called soap!


See my natty dread

I'm spun in my little head

I'm wook (got it brah)


Who's got my headies?

Trade for some stickers or pills?

veggie burrito?


Late-night Umph set raged.

More molly more molly more!

The first aid tent sucks.


Raised finger in air

Whos got my extra ticket

Only under face


Schwilly brah's Pharmies

Patchouli pushin puppies

Kick down so I can...


Ran away from home,

Grew my hair and beard long, this

Prophet of shakedown.


Boomers! LSD!

Sold to custies, ha ha ha!

They don't know it's bunk.


spun like a dradle

I destroy phish's future

when is harpua?


Jigga man got down.

Heady rhymes, brah. I told you

My moms is half black?


1 for 3,2 for 5

please buy my goods guys,or

Ill have to eat my puppy


super fatty fat

fatty fat fat super fat

super fatty kind


Oh sh!t! The cops, brah!

It's a bust, hide your sh!t here

In my ass crack. Peace!


I have no ticket

spinning, spinning, and spinning

please hold my puppy


im going to go

and i dont have a ticket

yes i will ruin


Dreadlocks down to ass

Heady ground score birkenstocks

I just pooped my pants


the phish is no more

trying to mend my wook heart

a heady schwill brah?


Glow stick in the eye!

fu©king wookette with an arm

Tossed it from the lawn.


Got stuck once staring

At the 'doc's f-holes; swear they

Mouthed, "you are Wilson."


She wears patchwork and

Yells, "Heady ganja goo balls!"

That sh!t is so lame.


[color:"red"]Jumping over fence

Run faster Brah, Run!

ouch! clubs hurt



Brah, Nassau was dank.

I called Destiny Unbound.

It was my first show.


Tweezer was phatty

I always stand on Mike side.

No, I have no job.


Oh my god! Did he

Just whip out his dick and dance?

Nasty wook behave!


yo, chill heady brah

I just want to dose you, man

water gun acid.


I need a miracle

I smell like a portolet

spare some change?


super fahtty kind

whoa bro so go to the show?

puff to my face,nug


scent of a wook,

better watch out where u spin

put thost nasty dreads away

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