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fu©k M!NTO


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Sorry Sharon, but after what I heard this morning I want to be sick. fu©king huge corporations sucking the life out of people, real people and then just discarding them when them decide with no compassion for anything.

It's bullshit. And it's not just Minto it's every company everywhere, 5% of the population turning the other 95% of us into a fu©king army of slaves and drones to facilatae their bottom line and greey agendas...it's time for a fu©king revolutiun people. Don't be churned up and spat out by the corporate meat grinder anymore. If I had a job I quit righ now and sh!t on my boss's desk on the way out. Forgive the rant...but I'm pissed. :: :: ::

The real reason for my post is to ask if anyone is free on Wed. to help move Cyril & Dana, we can use all the help we could get. thanks

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They sell poison milk to school children. Naw they are a huge property management/development organization(?) They own lots of apt. buildings and such.

Cyril lost his job, for no reason IMO.After seeing what this company put him through over the last few month, working his ass off 24/7 literally...I can't believe he was fired, Bullshit.

thanks for the kind offers, much appreciated. I'll let you know what time, where its going and all that stuff soon. Thanks again.

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