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Its over....


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The "never-ending-vacation" has now drawn to an end.

I got the thumbs up from both doctors and scored a new job to start tomorrow morning.Fu©k,I love my union somtimes.... [color:"purple"]one hard day of job searching...(one phone call today actually) and its back in the game again.

I can't say I'm sad the summer is over,because I am glad it is.Definatley hasn't been a good one for me compared to every other one I have had in 34 years.But its certianly one for my disposable life-journal thats for sure.

All behind me now...




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Thanks guys.

Its a reality,thats all thats required (and needed) right now for me.Plus,I could use the cash.As for positive transitions,september always seem to bring one to me,this year for once its a good one.This time is usually hard around here for me for a couple reasons,one being; my father passing away in the Defiance,Ohio in 97 while on the road working (he was also an industrial electrician) on the 28th of august and his funeral was labor day so its always a hard time.Just an all round terrible year,illness,family death,friend death,legal issues,jail,financial issues and a few other things that have been really disheartening.

I just decided while I was relaxing in the solitude & splendor of the northern crownland that I would just start my year over again right there and then.So,heres to a new year.


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change is always good, at least thats what I try and think..

my life just fliped upside down. 2 of my best friends are gone and I probably won;t see em again, my girlfriend moved out, and I quit my job of 4 years and am goign back to school.

change is what makes life great

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Haha,thats a crazy beard ya got goin there goatboy (not to mention the suave stash),scared the crap outta me.Thanks for the snap.

And no it wasn't all bad dude,hell I still get a great laugh thinking of that night (cheers out to my singing partner - Shainhouse),this wasn't suppose to be a depressing thread,although I see where it could read that way,but it ain't...hell,I'm glad I'm going back to work,theres really not much change going down to tell the truth,as I have been doing this sorta work since 1990 and its always been this way,work two months,have one off,a good year in my work is getting 8 or 9 months in,somtimes more.Just how it works in some construction,if I could stomach doing residential (non-union) then I could work year round probally,but I like the benefits & pay in industrial.Just this year I've had the first complications from my spinal surgeries,which were expected to start closer to 40 not 35,so it sorta threw a monkey wrench into things,mostly work,been off since january.(hence; "never-ending-vacation")lol.gif

All good.Nothing I haven't dealt with before or will again.

Drink up.bluegrab.gif

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I hear ya Greg, got a little dose of reality heading my way next tuesday when I start my teaching block... this summer has been busy/crazy, man, I have thought about alot of crazy things... went by quick, but it didn't lack imaginary adventures... it has been really cool making some very valuable and hopefully lifetime connections with all of the borders I have met in the last 8 months including yourself... although, going to shows will be less frequent for the next while, I am happy to find some of the usual suspects here--sharing the same trials and turbulations... best of luck my friend. ::

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Yeah....after 14 years of doing this job...I've only been jolted with 600 volts.(once)Which is a good thing considering I usually work with 250,000 to 500,000 volts....LOL

lucky fu©ker i got 600 volts twice in one summer when i was doing HVAC. i had to ware a heart monitor all summer what a bitch.

Stay away from that Hoover VACumm cleaner and you'll be fine, pervert.

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