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name that video


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i just saw this posted elsewhere, and it is now bugging me immensely -- i remember seeing this video but i have no idea who it was!

I'm not sure if anyone was really into the pop-music scene from the years 1997 - 2000, but Ryan and I thought of a music video last night, and we can't remember the song or artist!

All we remember is this: It took place mostly underwater I think... It was either a house, or maybe an airplane, that was flooded with water, or in the ocean. I remember a lot of red tones.

I thought it was Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly, but that's not it.

i think it was definitely a house... or maybe a boat.... but not an airplane....

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Down with Disease -Phish

Doesn't that match the time frame' date=' and didn't parts of it take place underwater?[/quote']

True, and it started in a house and then moved to underwater, although I'm guessing since it was only ever played on TV once (and during Beavis and Butthead at that), it's probably not what they're thinking of.

From the phish.net FAQ:

"DWD on MTV: There is a video (directed by Mike, assisted by Ted Lymnan, his advisor at UVM) for "Down with Disease", which was shown approximately four times on MTV. A clip was featured in an episode of MTV's Beavis and Butthead which has aired various times."

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