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thanks jeremy and tracey!


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Wow--that was a great party. I'm so glad everyone had a good time!!! And yes, we're getting married!!! Woohoooooo!!! I have a feeling our Buck and Doe is going to be one for the books. So heads up all--Me and Dancin' man are going out of bachelorville with a bang(amoungst other things)

BTW Teet, I would have said yes with a wooden bead on a twist tie. It would have to be a Glad twist tie though, no frggin no name twist tie for this lady.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!

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hope to see you at the FUNdraiser on the 28th for in-person smiles and squeezes.

That's the only reason we booked Diesel Dog to play the FUNdraiser, to make sure Dancin' Man & SuperFreak came out to play! Works every time! :D

Congratulations you guys on your getting married! Sounds like a good time. Jeremy, you're probably the second tallest friend I have! Maybe 1st. Definitely top 3!

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I had such a good time New Year's eve, it was such a great party, and not to mention the Kobe and other great foods. I am so happy for the two of you, you are perfect for each other. I can only hope that this union results in a dancin' baby(not one of those creepy animated ones though).

PS I still have not checked out the video from the party, it could be scary!

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