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Skank Exchange - *Update* - Dec 18


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The sign up for the skank exchange is now closed.

I've PM'ed everybody with the name and address of their skanks.

As noted in your email, please try and have your gifts sent out to your skank by Jan 15. Thanks!

**If you have signed up, please be kind enough to send your skank their gift. Unfortunately, last year there were a number of people who never received theirs. Thanks**

Happy Holidaze!

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How about we extend the Sanctuarial Christmas Season until, say, the nero reunion shows in the middle of January?



heehee....yes and then I could give Freaker his gift and sign up again. :) ...yet my recipiant would probably have to wait a year too...just to be fair and my giver could relax knowing I'd expect a wait.... ;)

I'm a bad egg...I know. :crazy:

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Why, Lazlo, because I bought you beer the last time I saw you? ;) As soon as I get home today I'm taking your picture off my end table and stuffing it away in some drawer.

Here is how to sign up again, for those who are having difficulty:

Babsy said:

So here's the deal - if you want in send me a PM with your name and address by Friday, Dec 15.

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