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Dr. Bender


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I volunteered to get some help I needed which is really hard if you've been bullied all your life, can basically kick anyone's ass but are essentially non-violent. Caring enough about yourself to ask for help is a bitch.

Had a great convo this morning with a young doctor who solved a problem rather than enforced a law. His name? You guessed it.

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you are a very intelligent good person to get help on your own knowing you need it and not take another road that would hurt you

you are most important to yourself and the dr. will help you

try not to even think of the past which is hard but well worth the benefits concerning your health and peace of mind it is all there for you

be patient and kind to yourself

god bless you

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so he's much like myself then

my psychiatrist when I was a teenager asked me why I spoke with more of a monotone than he did, as he was being paid to speak so... I replied 'maybe I'm better at this than you' =)

(in retrospect, was probably a mixture of my carefully maintained guardedness and the lithium)

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Guys honestly....

It's very hard to voluntarily ask for help, basically volunteer to be locked up in a sick sick system then just have to ride it out even though you can leave anytime.

you are a very strong person to ask for help that you need as a lot of people don't ever want to ask for help of any kind give yourself a lot of credit and much love

friends are all behind you and love you very much

so hang right in there as there is nothing but good that will come out of the care you need and get just accept it all with special blessings and thanks all good is in store for you

prayers and god bless

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be strong bro.

on a lighter note, it seems that popo weenie has jupmed on the English language trolley, congrats popo!

ha ha if you only knew po po you would say who what where when oh yah it's popo behind the wood pile with a black nucker

hope you are happy tonight zero

prayers for you tonight

god bless you

i feel every bit of mixed emotions you are going through but you will be fine and in no time back to work i will pray you have a good sucess at the hospital

every body is very concerned for you and loves you

you are a special person

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