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St. Patties w/ the Fatties + Special Guests!!


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Well, I thought it might be a little early to post this, but it looks like there's a couple St. Patties threads on the go, so what the hell?

It's that time of year again. A grand excuse for debauchery!!

Sat. March 17th at the Casbah:

Fat Cats with Special Guests


The Achievers

Should be a great night of music.

Looking forward to getting the chance to check out your new band there too Rev!

Who's in?

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i started with three weeks.

once i start the year in which i hit two years (which will be 01/01/2008), i get my fourth.

its a pretty cushy industry here.

(plus, our sick days are called life balance days in which you dont need to fake sick, you just say "i'm taking a life balance day" and that's that.)

LBD, you can count on it! I'm not sure if i'll be solo our with T, but my personal goal for 2008 would be to visit the Yukon.

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why isn't this at pjc? tradition!

quit your bickering. i'm sure pjc will host the april 20th show.

I agree with paisly and alexis, except who the hell are the achievers? what a dumb name. Been a while since I've seen slowcoaster, they were my favourite back when i lived out east and you can be sure they will out drink everyone at the bar.

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