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The Standard, Elgin St...Ottawa


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This is my brunch from last sunday...

12:50pm. Arrive at the Standard for chow.

12:51pm. Seated with menus.

1:10pm. Waitress finally comes to take our order...wait a second...she just ran outside to tell her friends to come in.

1:12pm. Finally takes our order.

1:12pm. Still no coffee, I get frustrated and hail a waitress.

1:15pm. Coffee comes, cold, and order coffee for rest of table.

1:20pm Coffee comes for rest of table.

1:20pm-2:00pm Chatting with friends, drinking coffee, starving.

2:01pm Waitress comes to tell us food will be here 2 minutes


I ordered thier version of a "Hungry-Man's Breakie" forget what it's called. Anyways, 3 eggs, some bacon 4 potatos, and 2 fried tomatoes...NO TOAST!! How do you have eggs without toast...So I asked Stephie for a piece of hers...mmmmm, this is dry!!! They don't butter the toast....and it's nearly as thin as Melba toast...and as dry...

Anyhow....we didn't pay for anything, and I won't be back for breakie...but I do have a dinner party thier soon...so we shall see how that goes!

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I was joking. I don't really think the place will go out of business

because of a bad review on message board. Hopefully for the restaurant's

sake, Dinghy's dining experience was an isolated incident.

Check out the handful of reviews I've posted on that restaurant site. Every one of them is glowing. Sometimes I'm even tempted to say "eight thumbs up".

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so this place is on elgin near the manx? is it the place beside the scotiaband that was just extensively remodelled? what was it before (mash maybe?)

am i in the right ballpark?

is it even in ottawa? where am i? who said that?

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Did dinner at the Standard last night as part of a birthday party...Service was good and fast.

As for the food...

I think thier "tavern" burger can outdo anything the Works has to offer. There sweet potato fries are delish and the "spicy mayo" beats the Works "Chipotle mayo" hands down!

I will return for a burger at this joint...That's for damn sure!

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alrighty. i'm gonna give it a shot soon. i'll post my experience here.

Went to The Standard last night for dinner before le match. Appetizers are half-price between 3-6 so we started with herbed mushroom and some sort of cheese (i forget) crepes with a balsamic drizzle, it was pretty good.

For my main I had the Heartstopper Burger (bacon and blue cheese), and the SO had the mushroom, balsalmic onion, pesto and another good cheese pizza. The pizza was so-so, tasted great but nothing out of the ordinary (how hard is it to make pizza taste good?). My burger was pretty good too, the patty was small in diameter but had some girth to it. My only complaint was the blue was too sharp - it was all I could taste when I took a chunk in one bite. Maybe get a softer, creamier blue for maximum good taste blendage.

I had the poutine on the side - lots of curds, thick-cut fries, and a peppercorn gravy that wasn't too thick. I really enjoyed the poutine.

Drinks - $8 for a Cosmo? That might be the going rate but still ridiculous. I had a Bass ale and it was beer so I was happy.

Total bill before tip was $52 - a bit pricey in my book. The pizza was especially expensive given that a monkey could've made it.

Overall it was a good meal, but not extraordinary. Would've been good for $10 cheaper.

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I would only go there if the Manx was full I think, or maybe in the summertime when you don't feel like being in a basement.

Word. Definitely agree. If you're feeling martini-ee, The Standard is good, their drink menu looked delicious. Manx for whisky and beer.

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