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GD fans: funniest thing you will watch


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"My favorite story is going to a concert at Winterland, and this happened sometime pretty early, like in '74, '73,†Franken said. “I took [something], and there was a girl on top of a guy's shoulders. Danced to the whole thing on top of the guy's shoulders. I'm ashamed to say it, but I spent almost the entire concert looking at her breasts. She had a tight, like leotard kind of thing on. I remember just, like, you know how you can look at something for hours? I'm really not sure how long I looked at 'em. It was really, very pleasant listening to the music, and she was dancing on top of the guy's shoulders. He must have been very strong, and it was great. One of the best moments of my life, or one of the best several hours of my life."

Link - jambands.com article "One More Saturday Night" With Al Franken

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..and for those interested, you can still download the entire show (14.76 GB) over at The Trader's Den as it still has 7 seeds right now.

Grateful Dead 1980-10-31 New York, NY

I can offer some B&Ps as well, PM me and I'll pass along an address if anyone is interested.

I'm also open for trades, although I'm not interested in any more audio recordings, DVDs only.

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I think I'll take you up on the B&P.

You can watch the

, Cold Rain and Jack Straw on youtube and I can't figure out why they wouldn't put those in Dead Ahead....especially
, fricken smokin'!

Could be because Jerry's doing his "Persian whisper" vocals....

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