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Hi everyone...


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Hey all,

Seems like soo long since ive been dropping by... anyways, Sharon... healing vibes your way... hope your well one your way to feeling better... I must say i feel pretty out of the loop these days without the trusty comp... but hey i think ive learned how to read... and i work in a bookstore.... Hey Jon, so who is Mister Slippery anyways? and when you gonna fire those cd's out this way? Oshawa remember...

Just a quick hello to all you kind folk and i look forward to runnin into you sometime soon... thinkin about tryin to get my butt out to Guelph on the 19th... hey basher up for a road trip for the evening? I have to be back for work at 1 Sat.. lemme know...

Booche, hows the cd burnin goin? [smile]

Anyone happen to be stuck in the Oshawa area or drivin through it feel free to drop into the Oshawa Centre Chapters and say hi...

well thats it from here.. stay kind all you heady folk... Jared you find your wife yet?

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as much as I saw anyone at the Almans [Roll Eyes] (*hic)

was pretty sure we were briefly introduced at some point before I ran frothing into the mehley

B-Side aswell, man that was hot in there! sweet night of music with Medeski for an opener

alls real well here bro... pop out to hamilton tonight... dancin with Tonin to the Quarter! [big Grin] if not, some soon, great things comin up

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