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Summer rumours


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I wonder where they would play in Toronto?

Good question. I wonder what kind of draw they would have? It's not like they've tested the waters here before. Things can be touchy around here. If another band was around everyone wants to see, WSP could get nobody (ie. people bolting for bluesfest).

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Yeah, just realized that all the dates they announced were in the spring. I am pretty sure that the free shows in Buffalo are normally on Thursdays, right?

If so, that means:

July 10 - Buffalo, free show

July 11 - Cleveland

Makes sense that Toronto would be on the 8th or 9th.

FYI, Molson Amphitheatre is booked on the 8th and 9th, not that I think WSP could book a gig by themselves there.

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just read on pt and panicfreaks...

wsp to play free show in buffalo, a date in toronto (which we heard before) and...ottawa bluesfest too!!

again, take it for what its worth....

The Ottawa Bluesfest "rumour" was started here. I'm the one who posted it on the Sandbox in response to the Toronto rumour. They're also supposedly playing Montreal according to that list.

What's PT?

(and here's a good Jimmy Herring interview)

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and here's that panicfreak's list:

June 20-21 - LA

June 24 - San Diego

June 25 - Phoenix

Jun 27 – Red Rocks

Jun 28 – Red Rocks

Jun 29 – Red Rocks

Jul 1 - Jackson Hole

Jul 3 - Iowa

Jul 4 - Rothbury

Jul 5 - Milwaukee

Jul 8 - Indy

Jul 9 - Toronto

Jul 11 – Cleveland

Jul 12 – All Good Fest

Jul 13 - Baltimore (MPP)

Jul 16 & 17 - Portsmouth

Jul 19 & 20 - Charlotte

Jul 22 & 23 - GA

Jul 25 - 27 - Austin

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