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www.nufunk.ca in association with www.makeitfunky.ca presents...



BASSNECTAR (Om Records, San Francisco, CA)


w/ The Chameleon Project - Live




Friday, April 18th, 2008

El Mocambo Upstairs- 464 Spadina Ave


Toronto, ON

Tickets are $15 Advance

available at Rotate This, Play De Record, Shanti Baba, Soundscapes, Slinky Music and online at www.ticketweb.ca

Doors 9:30 PM

Show starts at 10 PM

more info at www.nufunk.ca



OM Records // San Francisco, CA

For the last decade, Lorin Ashton has helped develop the North American underground dance music scene. From touring full time as a DJ (an average of 125 shows per year), to his production & remixing under the alias Bassnectar, he has ammassed a dedicated fan base, crossing over from hip hop to electronica to breakbeat to ragga/dub to the jam band scene and the greater Burningman scene.

2005 saw the debut of Bassnectar’s double-disc collection entitled "Mesmerizing The Ultra," a journey through next-level musical mutations, dreamy dubtempo, massive bass lines, heavy sledgehammer beats, head-nodding hip-hop, and a wild assortment of unlikely collaborations; remixing and producing with such artists as the enigmatic and mysterious Buckethead, the jam band super group Sound Tribe Sector 9, cult bluegrass rock star Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident), roots musical activists like Michael Franti (Spearhead), Heavyweight Dub Champion and KRS One, and dubstep/breakbeat pioneer FreQ Nasty. Both critically acclaimed and voraciously consumed, the record helped define the current sound of the West Coast Underground.


On the new album "Underground Communication" (released in April on SF Indie Om Records), Bassnectar takes another step forward in his genre-bending blend of musical styles and emotions, combining the visceral melodic presence of modern listening music, with the force and volume of sound system dancehall devastation. Whereas the previous record featured collaborations with musicians and bands, the new record is more of an exploration of hip-hop, featuring scores of MCs and rhythmic poetics mashed atop a heavy, driving range of tempo and, of course, those signature throbbing bass lines. Rooted firmly in political conviction, philosophical intention and backed by a rabid fan base and dedicated following, “Underground Communication†sets a new standard for the possibilities of merging music, art, new media and social activism.

Speaking on the meaning behind the title of the album, Bassnectar explains "It centers on the concepts of indie media, the strength of underground networking, social activism and defiance through music, hip hop, and the internet." Judging from his enormous following without any commercial radio play, media push, or licensing product placement hype, the title fits perfectly, and comes at a time when issues of net neutrality, corporate media, and privatization of radio and news outlets couldn’t be more crucial.

Already gaining critical acclaim from tastemakers at URB, FLAVORPILL, and BPM along with winning local Nitevibe.com, SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian honors for San Francisco's "Best DJ" and forging new paths within the Burning Man scene, the jam band scene, as well as underground hip hop circles and all styles of emerging electronic music, the future's so bright for the young man from San Francisco!

Stay tuned for the precursor singles entitled "Yo" featuring Spanish rapper Kristina Maria and “Bomb The Blocks†featuring underground queen MC, Persia; coming exclusively online in January followed by the Om Records 12" vinyl with remixes by Princess Superstar, Zion I (Amp Live) and Speaker Junk in February!


Here’s what critics are saying:

“ a vibrant concoction of hip-hop, glitch and jungle. One precaution about this LP: Make sure you have the speakers to do it justice.†– Remix

"Zigzagging bass flutters, acid techno, hip-hop, and ambient breakbeats

tantamount to pulsating club bangers." – URB

Voted “Best DJ†by Nitevibe.com and SF Bay Guardian, Bassnectar’s music is forging new paths in the electronic music world, the Burning Man scene, underground hip hop circles, and beyond. The brainchild of Lorin Ashton, Bassnectar is an experimentally collaborative music project, but it’s also a platform for social change and political awareness. It’s stylistically specific, yet it’s an eclectic, full spectrum adventure.



Bassnectar On Tour:

March 28 Laundry Bar Extravaganza Miami Beach FL w/ Z-Trip & DJ Swamp

March 29 Antone’s Austin TX

March 30 Circa 28 Miami FL w/ Freestylers, Evil 9, Fort Knox 5

April 02 The Pour House Charleston SC w/ Eliot Lipp

April 03 Georgia Theatre Athens GA w/ Eliot Lipp

April 04 Zydeco Birmingham AL w/ Eliot Lipp

April 05 Orange Peel Asheville NC w/ Eliot Lipp, Telepath

April 07 Soap Box Wilmington NC w/ Eliot Lipp

April 08 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro NC w/ Eliot Lipp

April 09 The Mix One 6 Roanoke VA w/ Eliot Lipp

April 10 8x10 Baltimore MD w/ Eliot Lipp

April 11 BB Kings New York, NY (special Disco Biscuits Party & King Britt)

April 12 Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale PA w/ Eliot Lipp

April 13 Pearl Street – Club Room Northampton MA w/ Eliot Lipp

April 14 Higher Ground South Burlington VT w/ Eliot Lipp, Pnuma Trio

April 15 Paradise Club Rock Boston MA w/ Eliot Lipp, Pnuma Trio

April 17 Les Saints Montreal, Quebec

April 18 El Mocambo Toronto, Ontario w/ Chameleon Project

April 19 ParkWest Chicago, IL

April 20 Green Apple Festival Chicago, IL

April 24 Majestic Theatre Madison, WI

April 25 Redstone Room Davenport IA

April 26 Red Square Albany NY

April 27 SUNY New Paltz Quad – Rock Against Racism New Paltz NY

May 17 The Fillmore San Francisco CA

May 24 Jam in the River & Electric Factory (late night) Philadelphia PA

May 25 Lightning in a Bottle Festival Santa Barbra CA

June 28 Southern Comfort Music Experience Denver CO w/ Gnarls Barkley

July 03 High Sierra Music Festival Quincy CA

July 05 ROTHBURY – Double JJ Ranch Rothbury MI

July 12 All Good Music Festival – Marvin’s Mountaintop Morgantown WV

check out:




Chameleon Project



Jazz for the Brain and groove for the soul is the sonic gift members of The Chameleon Project deliver to their audience. Their sleek and progressive dance music with a thoughtful edge makes the Toronto-based group the perfect festival band as it provides something that will please a diverse crowd of music lovers.

In the music from The Chameleon Project's most recent album, you'll find examples of how urgent and infectious beats meet deep pocket angular grooves that entice the ears to listen and the body to move. However, while this tightly knit trio takes pride in pushing boundaries in their music, they remain melodic and do not alienate their audiences—a pitfall that some improvising can bands fall into. The name of The Chameleon Project is inspired by a creature that uniquely blends into its visual environment. Similarly, through the quality of their musicianship, the trio blends its sound with the people who come to experience it, assuring that no two shows are ever alike.

The sound of The Chameleon Project is deeply rooted in the theoretical and harmonic principles of jazz, along with the propulsive beats and textures of electronica, dub, and funk. Extracting musical innovations from the masters of the past and the vanguards of today, the Chameleon Project distill their disparate influences (like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Grant Green, Miles Davis, Chic, Parliament Funkadelic, The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, and King Tubby, to name a few) into a cohesive sound that delivers exciting soundscapes and invigorating rhythms that are always best when experienced live.

The Chameleon Project is:

Josh Laing: guitar, real-time sampling & effects

Tyrone Caissie: drums & electronic drums

Snappy Homefry: bass

Tribe Magazine has described The Chameleon Project's sound as, "If you were living in a 1970s vision of "the Future" (think Logan's Run, Rollerball or Star Blazers), this is the band that would be playing in the spaceport departure lounge as you prepare to rocket off for a weekend of zero gravity golf."




Make it Funky


Make it Funky is Toronto's largest Mid-Tempo Beats & Live Funk Production teams. Since 2005, Make it Funky has presented local and top international Breaks, Rare Groove, Turntablism, Classic old school hip-hop and live touring artists to venues across Canada. Make it Funky is a concert experience whose mission is to explore the funkier side of all things breakbeat. You'll get an exceptional night of music, dancing and good fun, with a focus on bringing the cutting edge of funk breaks hip hop and beat driven live music to the masses. With a strong foundation of 3 years of importing the world's finest breakbeat talent to Canada and as well developing top new Canadian talent, Make it Funky is where it's at for what is new on the international breakbeat scene. What has help set Make it Funky apart is the combination of live band sets with a focus on DJs as a headliner, a move that has helped to create a fresh new cross over scene with an open-minded attitude.

Check out what the fuss is about here:


and join the collective on facebook www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2258810262

this show is produced in conjunction with



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a bit...i was atually walking/grooving by on my way to see another DJ's set that i had met on an artcar the night before. i stopped and danced outside of the tent for about 15 minutes and was on my way to meet my new friends. Liked what i heard though and made a mental note to catch him sometime in the future...and lookee here!

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BY Elizabeth Mitkos April 16, 2008 17:04

WHO For the past few years, west coast breakbeat hero Bassnectar has been pummelling North American dancefloors with his big bass, big sound and high energy. Led by Burning Man fixture Lorin Ashton and sometimes featuring his friends, the Bassnectar team have been forging new paths for a decade. But ever since his 2005 debut, “Mesmerizing the Ultra,†transfixed fans have been on a non-stop journey through mega mutations of old-school hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, dreamy dub and slamming hardcore beats.

Known for constantly expanding and changing, the San Francisco–based Ashton first started putting on battle of the bands shows in 1993. “In all seriousness those were some of the most ferocious and intense musical freak shows of my life,†Ashton says of the gigs, which featured death metal and hardcore punk. Sincere about challenging the mainstream, Ashton is currently working on Bassnetwork, which will be a discussion hub for underground news and views, “specifically addressing how to plug in and get involved in making a difference in this world.â€

Meanwhile, the Om Records artist has several albums and remixes on the go, plus a series of podcasts, a mix record with Z Trip and side projects with Toronto’s iLL Gates. You get the impression a Bassnectar gig makes for one helluva steamy, bassy night.

WHAT “Omni-tempo maximalism,†says Ashton. “No rules, no limitations, all styles, all genres, all speeds, lots of heavy bass and hand-swatting beats.â€

WHERE April 18 with The Chameleon Project and others at the El Mocambo (462 Spadina Av). $15 advance. Doors 9:30pm.

FAVOURITE RECORD OF ALL TIME “I couldn’t possibly choose.â€

FAVOURITE RECORD RIGHT NOW “Knight of the Living Data†by LUX


move.org every day.â€

WHAT IS YOUR MOST SURREAL DJING EXPERIENCE? “One that sticks out is a rave in Oakland [in a] two-storey warehouse. The second storey collapsed and my friend Ray and I were in an in-between space, leaving us totally unharmed and basically alone to try to do search and rescue. Wild times.â€

WHAT IS VITAL TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE? “Would love to report that it’s stretching and exercise, but to be honest it’s internet and cellphone.â€

WHAT IS YOUR RING TONE RIGHT NOW? “I keep my ringer turned off.â€


“Corporate-conglomerate takeover. Not just making a business incorporated — that seems innocent enough — but rather the toweringly unaccountable, monolithic, faceless structures that control the military, the media, the prison system, the ‘governments,’ the distribution of wealth, etc..... the ‘kings’ of the day, the ‘imperialists’ of the day, the ‘empires’ of the day.â€

WHAT IS THE LAST GREAT FILM YOU SAW? “American Beauty made me cry a few weeks ago.?I also just watched a Dave Chappelle stand-up video that inspired me so much.â€

WHAT ACTOR WOULD PLAY YOU IN A BIOPIC? “Unfortunately, probably Woody Allen.â€

WHAT ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW? “Went back to Al Gore’s Assault on Reason.â€

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