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speaker wire


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it's all about gauge and shielding.

If you can get something thick and well protected your signal won't lose its strength.

The thicker the better, Monster or not. If you can save yourself $100 on a spool would you prefer a name or would you prefer the concert tickets or DVDs you'll use it on?

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I can get you some DH-Labs T-14(14 guage) for $4.00/ft (normally goes for $5.50 /ft) + taxes

I can also get QED Silver Anniversary 14 guage for $3.66 / ft + taxes.

Also, if anyone is interested in any solid state equipment, my brother just scored some incredible stuff. Old solid state stuff, still in boxes. If anyone is interested, let me know I can get great deals right now. turntables also. This shit will make you cry.

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We've always believed that the perceived quality boost that comes from using high-end cables is really just a trick of the mind (read: justifying the ridiculous cost of premium cables to yourself) -- if you've dropped enough cash, you can probably hear anything you want. Still, our belief is one thing -- cold hard proof is another, and it looks like a group of 12 self-professed "audiophiles" recently couldn't tell the difference between Monster 1000 speaker cables and plain old coat hangers. Yeah, coat hangers. The group was A-Bing different cables, and unbeknownst to them, the engineer running the test swapped out a set of cables for coat hangers with soldered-on speaker connections. Not a single one was then able to tell the difference between the Monster Cable and the hangers, and all agreed that the hangers sounded excellent. No wonder Monster has to rig HD displays. Still, we bet people still fall for the hype -- oh hey, if you're looking for the ultimate in sound, we've got half a meter of oxygen-free, triple-wrapped double-insulated Sonically Shielded AmpliSized Egyptian Llama cable here that we'll part ways with for just a couple grand.


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i've always understood that the larger the crosssectional area of the conductor, the better the sound. (within reason). so it would stand to reason that 11ga solid coat hangers would kick ass as speaker wire :)

most audio heads i've met use lamp cord (14ga 2 connector stranded wire).

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i would, just for kicks!

i think the difference is negligible, but can't hurt anyway.

the reasoning goes that the hi-range drivers get a full spectrum signal, and the mid-range drivers also get a full spectrum signal.... not just what's leftover after the high-range crossover extracts the high frequencies. capiche?

further, my amp has assignable channels, so i have four channels powering the two front speakers... essentially a bi-amp configuration, but more correctly called bi-wiring.

weirdness is a bit of an audiophile i think, perhaps he would have some input.

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