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here's last night's setlist

07/06/08 (Sun) Ottawa Blues Festival - Ottawa, ON

Set 1: Action Man > Henry Parsons Died > Climb To Safety, Pilgrims, Junior, Going Out West > All Time Low, Fixin To Die, Dying Man, Her Dance Needs Nobody > Chilly Water > Imitation Leather Shoes, Expiration Day, Tall Boy, Give E: Ribs and Whiskey, Thought Sausage

the show was loud! :) i thoroughly enjoyed it even though i was weak and tired! goin out west>atl and dyin man and chilly were great. i enjoyed the toronto song selection and show more but was very happily impressed with the crowd last night and especially no lawn chairs :) great to enjoy a tallboy on the lawn with friends!


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Me either but I sure was happy for MoMack when I saw how easy it was to get front and centre. All that worry for nothing, huh? ;)

I might have been near you. There sure weren't many. In fact, I was about 3rd to 5th row in front of Schools for 4 in a row. It was killing me being 50 or so people back in Philly...

Funny part is we were closer to the rail in Ottawa, but closer to the band in Toronto.

Sound rocked in Toronto and Ottawa. But where was snoop for the encore?

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