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Atta boy, Lindros


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Classy act. Well done.

Lindros donation largest by sports figure

LONDON, Ont. – Former NHL star Eric Lindros was known for his presence on the ice – and now in retirement he'll be known for his generosity off it.

Lindros was on hand in London, Ont., on Tuesday for the unveiling of the Lindros Legacy Research building, made possible by his $5-million donation to the London Health Sciences Centre.

The gift is believed to be the largest one-time charitable donation by a Canadian sports figure.

Doctors at the London Health Sciences Centre helped heal Lindros's various injuries during his career, which was cut short by concussions.

In a release, Lindros said he was pleased to donate to an ``organization that helps so many."

Lindros retired from the NHL last November after stints with the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars.

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Ha, he was at GT's bar in Chatham one time when i was in highschool (in the upstairs for those that remember) and he had a swarm of ladies around him getting autographs on all kinds of body parts. I was across the bar (a good 40-50 feet) from him and was talking to a buddy about how all the ladies were all over this douche bag, etc. I had snuck beers into the bar for whatever reason so I had the caps, I leaned over to my buddy and said how much if I hit him with this cap (you know the cap fling) Sure enough, zing, right in the head of Eric. He hit the floor like a ton of bricks and the paramedics had to take him to PGH with his 4th concussion. The last sentence is false, but eveything before that is true.

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