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Anyone here ever do any freelance writing?


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I work with a lot of free-lance writers and most of the 'good' ones charge by the word. The best we use charges us $1 per word, to give you an idea. Others charge by the length of the piece... 1 page, 2 page, etc.

I would say it's pretty standard journalistic practice to charge by the word - start high - they're going to low ball you, for sure. I have no idea what your experience is, but if you have some experience that you can quote, i'd say $1 per word. You probably won't get it. But don't offer a $1 if you've never been published.

Otherwise, go for 75 cents... you'll probably end up with 50.

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I'm a freelance writer, and rates do depend on what type of work it is. Per word rate applies mostly to general interest, trade magazines and newspapers. $1 a word is pretty solid. Definitely go high rather than seeming like a good guy who works for cheap. Sometimes for advertising and corporate, a flat fee is negotiated, and you should be charging approx. $30/hr, depending on how much work it is (if there's a lot of research for example, a flat fee may be a better idea). Some high-end corporate technical writers charge double that. If you have any questions reach my off list at adam@adamelliottsegal.com

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