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What stupid thing have you done today?


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Listen here pal, its slow in the office today and will remain so thanks to the Quebec holiday. I will need some form of entertainment so please provide more details than nothing.

Now get to it. There is something behind your story and I want to read it. That goes for the rest of you.

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There's a guy in my office and I swear to god he stuffs his trou. Looks like he's got a small child living in his pants. After a meeting this morning I jokingly said "hey dude looks like you've a got a boner" a second of uncomfortable silence passed and he said "nope i've just got a huge unit....." more silence and then all I could do was bow to his glory. Winner, huge unit.

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I haven't done anything stupid (yet) today but I am happy to share a few Basher stupidity stories from the past that might succeed in amusing Andre, however briefly.

1. One day a few months ago, we got in the car to head to work...we had been driving for a few minutes when he suddenly declared, "I'm not wearing my glasses."

Yeah, he needs those to drive..not to mention see...

2. One day last week, he grabbed his laptop bag and hurried out the door. It was only when he arrived at work that he realized that he had neglected to put his laptop in the bag.


You're welcome!

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