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Music to get Stoned to


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I presume most of the music we listen to falls into this bracket but I guess I'm thinking of instrumental largely electronic music whose lack of words and lush soundscapes are particularly conducive to smoking copious amounts of high grade sensi or a variety of other pursuits.

I'd highly recommend these 3 albums I've been listening to ALOT of this summer.

Diplo - Florida

Soulo - Man, The Manipulator

Brian Eno - Apollo (atmospheres and soundscapes)

This is just a randomly sick dubstep track called The LSD User by Stagga. I seem to be totally clueless about imedding these youtube links.

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don't I just put the imbed code in the TV widget.

You don't use the full URL that YouTube gives you; instead, you use just the part of it that comes after the "v=" to the end of the URL, or the first "&" character in the URL, whichever comes first. (Do a quote on my post to see how I embedded the player, and compare it to the URL in your post.)



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mmmm that Apollo album with Roger Eno is a fave...the guitar on that one just shimmers - a couple of my fave tracks.

For electronic and lush, I love Ulrich Schnauss - look for 'Far Away Trains Passing By' - just rereleased in 05 with a bonus disc. 'Strangely Isolated Place' is beautiful too - I liked 07's 'Goodbye' but it didn't grab me like the first two. Might remind you of Caribou/Manitoba or Boards of Canada...

Deadmau5 - Random Album Title is a fave too - it's pounding beats but amazing music...very flowing album.

hmmm I'll have to have a look at home to see what I've been listening to. I have been stoned alot lately....

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I listen to whatever music strikes me while I am enjoying my non-alcohol vices, now-a-days that pretty much consists of only herbals or derivatives of..

Here's a few I've been known to enjoy, although not all instrumental:

Drums & Tuba

Ali Farka Toure

Tabla Beat Science


Single Cell Orchestra

Nihilist Spasm Band

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Though it isn't strictly instrumental I might mention my own music as it is written and recorded with the idea of being such a journey as you mention.

I haven't received much feedback though my friend who is a soundman on first hearing it said "..smoke much dope Dave...?" :)

....I thought it was apt.....

I might assume that it's hard on people's ears since noone is very interested but I can say that it is straight from the land of inspiration and thereby may be inspiring in certain circumstances...the inspiration certainly is transcendental if the resulting music isn't....I can't be objective enough to tell....

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Those are all dope choices Esau (and not a Gram Parsons song in the bunch). Ali Farka Toure is way psychedelic too, especially live.

Just keeping with the theme of the topic. ;)

I had Massive Attack as well. But when I thought about it, I only play two tracks by them from a mix I have of their music (Nature of Threat & Angel) so I left them off the list.

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Anything off Twisted Records, specifically:

Younger Brother

Hallucinogen (In Dub)


Bombay Dub Orchestra is awesome too...

I know a lot of you hate the Disco Biscuits, but they do instrumental sets dubbed "Tractorbeam," that are phenomenal. For all of you that can't wrap your head around their vocals, I recommend you check out a set. Specifically 9-12-09...

On a side note, I hate dubstep, Nothing relaxing about it.

To further that dub related tangent; anything Old School Dub ala Aston 'Familyman' Barrett, Agustus Pablo, etc, will work too....

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