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Well, its been a year since this thread so I thought I would be OK to start another.

Dear George Stroumboulopoulos,

Did you notice I spelled your name right? I actually took the time to look it up to make sure it was correct. I mention this because its relevant to what I am writing you about!

I listened to your show "The Strombo Show" last night while I was driving home from watching football. I quite liked it! And I generally like you as a Canadian media person. I liked it until you got to a section of the show where you played a whole side of an album. You built it up quite a bit, saying this album was legendary and one of the most important of its time, and how it was the reason Eric Clapton quit Cream.

This was all fine and dandy, I was quite pleased to listen to this, of course the album is Music From Big Pink and it made a great soundtrack for my 20 minute drive.


YOU CALLED IT BY THE WRONG NAME AT LEAST 20 TIMES. It might have been OK just once. IT IS NOT "MUSIC FROM THE BIG PINK". The name of the album is "Music From Big Pink". NO "THE". Beyond your own ignorance for not knowing this, is your show taped live? Would none of your crew or producers or your co host interrupt to tell you the difference or maybe they just didn't know the difference either?

I have to say, the first couple times you said "Music From THE Big Pink" and told stories like you were an expert on the subject, I just cringed. However, after about the 20th time, I was actually so angry I almost had to pull over.

Please. Get your shit correct.


Chris Buote

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