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Rustico Riders Cycle Africa


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Just thought I would share something I am proud of, my Aunt and Uncle did the Tour d'Afrique last year and actually wrote and released a book about the experience.

"Tour d'afrique passes through 10 African countries in approximately 96 cycling days with an average distance of 125 km per day It is broken up by 24 rest days and a day of travel crossing Lake Nassar from Sudan to Egypt."

Tour d'Afrique

Here is their website:

Rustico Riders

and their publisher of their book:

Author House

Pretty amazing that they did this as 63 and 62 year old people! I hope I am as in shape and motivated at that age.

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Cool! Looks like an amazing trip. I'd love to do a trip like that. Some day when I have a spare $35,000 and free time!

WaterCan is a good organization. The organization that I work for (CPAR - Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief) has worked with them in the past.

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nice one.

teen dances at the North Star Arena were awesome.


One of my first gigs ever was there, at a teen dance when I was 17-18. I was playing bass on a keyboard in a band called "Headcase", affectionately known by our fans as "The Headaches".

And Jaydawg you are talking about David Hayden.

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