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nero NYE


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It's official:


Wednesday, December 31st

Cafe Dekcuf



The usual NYE goodies will be provided, bring your own shenanigans.

To be honest, we were fortunate enough to have been offered several very juicy New Years gigs for this year, but the band really wanted to cap off this amazing year back home in the room where it all started. Special fun one-off stuff is already being planned/rehearsed/construed for this show, and it should be a damn good time. I'll be there, hope some of you will be too.

It goes without saying that tickets will be very limited for this show, as the Cafe Dekcuf is a pretty tiny room. Tickets will be available soon, keep checking www.neroland.com for details.

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Not JUST Pedal-Wanking, but Pedal-Wanking for 20 bones? Giddy-Up!

Although seeing how lame Ottawa is looking for NYE at the moment I'll either be there or in Esau's sleeping bag in Nunavut (which is Inuit for "Jesus it's cold up here!")

I guess the $20 covers the cost of a garbage bag rainjacket and galoshes to prevent me from stepping in Dave's...um..."output"

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toopity,toop...thats a funny word. On the twenty bucks thing I think the matrx has struck again...I'm certain I said the exact same stuff last year at about this time....I wonder if it was in response to the exact same person? Allthough I think,I think I'm a nicer person this year so mabey I don't want to know exactly what I said last year :eek:TOOPITY,TOOP! [big Grin]

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