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Hey Shane,

Is this another band that Brodie at MPA (Chicago) is offering you? I know they're rep'd by those guys, and last time Rusty and I had in an offer, they wanted a lot of money for this market. Perhaps they're more realistic now. After seeing them at Berkfest in August 1999, I began pursuing them immediately to come up to Toronto, finally hosting them twice at The Comfort Zone as pre- and post-Phish shows in July 2000. The shows went over really well...but that was before they signed with MPA and became really expensive. I've probably seen them a dozen times since then, and they never disappoint - ass-shakin' funkdown at its nastiest [big Grin] (and Eric Krasno is the shit)

BTW, how'd the Logic show go over?

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I really love Soullive. I've seen them at small, intimate shows and at festivals as well. In either setting, they kick my ass. The last time I saw them was at the Adirondack Mountain Music Festival. I dug up part of my review of that weekend.

"Of all the excellent music that was played over the course of the weekend, nothing had me dancing as hard as Soullive. I had been to several of their shows previously and thought I knew what to expect. The first surprise was that they weren’t a four piece as they had been the last time I saw them, instead they were without the saxophone and were stripped down to the original three-piece that they were when I saw them the first few times. The second surprise was that after a song was finished, Mike pointed to my feet and said “Wow, look what you did!” I had dug two pits, one by each foot, about 10 inches deep without even noticing. That’s how hard I was dancing! Incredible to me was how they didn’t let up for the entire set. I’d never seen them give ‘er so hard! "

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i too really like soulive.

as i said, i saw them after phish.

definately a good way to keep the groove going.

of course, i even heard people the next day say soulive was better than phish!!!!!

anyways, i know brantford has a large soulive following...i know of a few browntonians who claim soulive as the best band ever...

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I couldn't possibly say enough good about Soulive. They truly are one of the best jazz based groups on the circuit right now...I first heard about them just before the phish 2000 show in toronto and after seeing them in the comfort zone I was hooked...i've seen them 3 times since(Boston, moe.down '02 and opening for Phil and friends)and everytime is as good or better than the last. Next is a great album, but I prefer them without Sam(sax player) Checkout This is live if you want the goods...they do a stellar version of Jesus Children by Stevie Wonder....UUUUGGGH!

Dig it!

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i have the perfect venue in london for a soulive show.

If we can: A) get the band interested in playing here and B) Get them either a good night of the week or get the tickets sold fast enough then it's a shoe in.

there's a second room, the lounge (where Grand Theft Bus played in London) that holds an additional 130 people. we either have the soulive show early and have an afterparty or have a huge festival event with a few bands and jams.

man it's late...but the idea's pretty sound.

this is something i should tell to people individually...well i guess i thought of it here at 6 AM after a nice night...

going to the movies tomorrow after I get errands done. need to get CO2 for the beer.

if anyone's confused, I work at in London... Stonehenge Bar and Lounge

the page needs to be updated but it's like barrymore's without the balconies.

90 foot video screen...doesn't look like it to me but it's pretty big.

the lounge's pretty cool,

what the...someone'd get a kick out of my late night madness.

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