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THE WAILERS w/Resinators....who's going???


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I'm not a big fan of purporting to be a band that you're not. Like Lynyrd Skynard playing dates when they all died in a fiery plane crash and really it's like one dude and the roadies playing the show. That said if the lineup for this includes Junior Murvin, Tyrone Downie and Aston 'Family Man' Barrett (who's recognizable from the picture so I guess he's in) it's definitely worth catching. They are legit Wailers insomuch as they were a part of the late touring Wailers (well past Tosh and Bunny's time) which is the sound that toured the world and much of what we know as the Bob Marley sound. Saw these guys at the Spectrum in TO when I was like 14 and it blew my mind.

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Here's a bit of info for you. I'll post more soon.

The Legendary Wailers - Following leader Bob Marley's death from cancer on May 11, 1981, the Wailers Band struggled nearly a decade for direction, hampered from releasing their own music by a Gordian knot of legal entanglements. Anchored by world-class bassist Family Man Barrett and his drummer brother Carlton, the Wailers Band performed well-received international tours almost constantly through the '80s & '90s. Lead guitarist Junior Marvin bravely handled most of the vocal chores, and keyboard stalwart Wya Lindo and percussionist Seeco Patterson (who brought the original Wailers to their first audition in 1963) added credibility. As the '90s progressed, The Wailers established their own identity on records like 1994's Never Ending Wailers and 1996's Jah Message. The band continues to tour and produce unbelievable reggae led by Family Man Barrett, Al Anderson, and Earl 'Wya' Lindo.

Between Family Man, Al and Earl they have played on over 15 of The Wailers albums including Rastaman Vibration, Talking Blues, Confrontation, Natty Dread, Rebel Music, Exodus, Catch a Fire, Legend, Kaya, Live, Babylon By Bus, Survival and Burnin'.

This is the real deal!

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Oh man! This is orgasmic!!!![Eek!] I LOVE REGGAE!!!! I wish I knew if I could make it....I'm suppose to be moving to Ottawa around that time..... oh man...I will have to make it!!!!

Hempopotamus...if I'm still in the north...we could hitch a ride together...(Currently living in Chesley)

[big Grin][big Grin]

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