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Ottawa People!?!


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Any of you folks have any leads on housing in Ottawa? A very good friend of mine and his wife are moving to town on March 1st. They have been in South Korea for the last 8 years working. They are hoping to find something near Carlton U. Let me know if you know anyone or if you have any suggestions.

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The "Overflow Brewing Company" is in the Alta Vista area. I've never been there but they have live bands every weekend.

Maybe not now with COVID-19. But probably worth checking out if/when the pandemic is over.

Not to be sarcastic, but do your friends not have internet access? They've never used google?

Google searches for "live music venues or other cool things in the alta vista area" or "weekly or monthly jams or open mics or bands in the Ottawa area". will return enough results to keep them occupied for awhile.

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Yep, I get you. Plus, I'll take all the posts anyone cares to make! Sorry I can't be of any help though. 

But yeah, as bouche said Irene's is great and I think they do have an open mic night but I don't know which night that is.

In other news, it appears that I picked the right year to move to a remote island and stop going to concerts!

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