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That was a lazy question. Are you hungry or somethin?

Milk, PC Memories of Montego Bay jerk sauce, chicken breast tenderloin, red onions, vine tomatoes,unknown jar of red stuff, english cucumber, organic mescalin mix, omega 3 eggs, cracker barrel cheese block, diana's bbq sauce, ketchup, french strawberry jam, PC memories of santa fe tex mex sauce, organic cooking onions, green/red bell pepper, mushrooms, really old ranch dressing.

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6 beers

a bottle of wine


cream cheese





mozarella cheese

Myrnas 2 week old lasagna

3 chocolate bars


some kind of sandwich meat

all the sauce you need (including mine should someone need it in the future and I am unable

to supply it directly)

a lock of "The Travelling Drummers" hair

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6 less beers

another gagger gone

and a drunken Hood wandering about because it wasnt a John Coltrane sticker he stole, he was a Miles Davis one.........

(also, a sad Booche on the outside because the Raptors got tourched again by that Allen Iverson)

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