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Halloween Party on Sat.


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My house is also throwing a Halloween party this Saturday.. (In Peterborough). Come one come all!

793 George St. (corner of George & Barnardo)

live reggae/funk from The So So's

Dj's spinning funk, soul, hip hop, trip hop, slip hop, etc.

Kegs of KLB beer

disco balls, jello shooters, prizes for best costumes

Email me for more info! (kevo@jambands.ca)

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those costumes - all of them were so excellent, i was shamed shamed shame [Roll Eyes]

[big Grin]

i was literally shocked for a split second when i turned to my left and hunter thompson was sitting beside me. (i think i'd forgotten it was a costume party for a second) I tried to be inconspicuous as I looked for his briefcase - to see what i might find in it ofcourse, but i guess he'd stashed it somewhere...

ha ha, looked like it was going to be a great party though ! Please invite me again in a few months when i start drinking again !

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ha ha - the only possible reason to give up drinking in booche's eyes is a pregnancy [big Grin]

um. no, thankyou though - i didnt mean to be mysterious there, drinking is just incredibly fattening - pathetic but true, i'm kindof determined, so they'll be plenty of time for partying when i'm done training i guess is all it is... (and with all of jakes hallowe'en candy i stole, i really had to get my act back together [Roll Eyes] mmm chocolate...)

so did any other good stories from the night?

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It's very ironic that the only time in the night Tissue-Man was needed, he was in fact part of the tragedy. I guess booze is to Tissue-man as Kryptonite is to Superman.

This is Tissueman at full-power...surrounded by his pooper-friends...

Smutman Snake, The Carver, and Low-Red-Alien


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