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Wanna good laugh? Here's me in highschool-86/87ish

Super Freak

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Material girl? If you had said that to me in 85, I would have kicked your ass with my 14 hole Doc's and used your blood as lipstick. I've grown since, so I'll just say, I NEVER dressed like Madonna. I said Caterpillar girl--it was a Cure reference, gosh, don't you know you 80's music?

Thought I'd better add one of these :: :: ;), just incase I scared ya. heh heh.

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hey, that's me in the background of super freak's now photo with the red shirt and glasses. i don't have any super old pictures of me but you can see me with the start of my last set of dreads in the intoxicated pictures of yourself thread, which i am too lazy to link to right now.

edit to add: holy sh!t my hair grows fast, but maybe i should go back to blonde as my eyebrows really look funny, why didn't anyone tell me??????

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Guest Low Roller

Who actually liked high school? It was hell for me.

Here's me bugging my sister in 1989:


Here's me passed out in a pile of beer bottles in 1993:


Here's me trying to incite a riot in 1999:


Here's me with my bodyguards in 2004:


Not a boring moment in my life, that's for sure.

Props to Imageshack for hosting these images.

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Guest Low Roller
"Siiister. You have a sister."

And she's just as old and crusty as you old man!

fu©k I miss highschool.

Why? Is that when your intellect peaked?

You sure grew up a lot in 4 years...and did someone puke on your ass, kinda got some grossatations on your butt there buddy.

My balls dropped and the rest is history.

My back is covered in dirt because I'm lying on the ground outside. Your idea is a little too super freaky...

StoneMtn: What happened to you between 1996 and 2004??????????? And is that 1987 picture a mugshot?

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