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Ottawa Roll Call : Grand Theft Bus


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Not expecting them to be playing to impress me... [color:"purple"] Thanks for bringing that one up again bouche... I'm just saying one can only be disappointed so many times before they give up on a band... This is my last attempt to enjoy the new Bus. Why does everyone seem so concerned as to whether or not I like them? I talk badly about a lot of bands, and other than GTB and Bruce Springsteen, nobody seems to care...

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oh you know, had a few wobblies, saw you said the same thing 3 times fu©ker, hahahahahahahahahaha, thought you mighta, too... anyways, umm, whats that they say? right right... anyways, uhhh, go fu©k yourself, and i'll see ya soon? hUgZ'n'KISS'zzzzzz

:: :: :: ::

hahahaha, did i fu©k your finger up? right on! you shouldnt'a stuck it there! :: ;):P

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I had a great time last night. Thought the band played great and I can't wait to hear that Tank Top > Birth of Confusion > Tank Top!!!

One of the better shows I have seen the boys play.

Thanks to Booche and Douglas for putting us up, we had a blast and I am feeling the pain today. Nice to see the friendly familiar faces and great to meet some new folks as well. My wife had a great time and enjoyed meeting the crew.


Steve & Sarah

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Good Times :: ::

Super enjoyed myself....very sweet :: ::

Missing-one violette, girly, cardegan?...anyone grab this at the bar for me?

One cd of Slowcoaster accoustic from Dekcuf...my lovely hull friends? (this could be in the wreckage that is my car)

One mind.

...man am I squirly today...must get more sleep. :smirk

aha...I saw that lime and banana this morning...makes a bit more sense now.

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