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The Queen Is Dead


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...most people I know either love or hate this band (mostly due to morrissey's vocal stylings)...what's your take?

i used to LOVE The Smiths and that album in particular. I saw them in 1984 (i think..could have been 85 at Canada's Wonderland) and felt like the coolest kid from Coby fer sure :: Johnny Marr is awesome!

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The Smiths? Awesome. The Queen is Dead is clearly one of their best albums. Johnny Marr is a totally under-rated guitarist, too.

Morrissey just put out a new live album - I'd love to hear what this sounds like!!


1. How Soon Is Now

2. First Of The Gang To Die

3. November Spawned A Monster

4. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

5. Big Mouth Strikes Again

6. I Like You

7. Redondo Beach

8. Let Me Kiss You

9. Munich Air Disaster 1958

10. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

11. The More You Ignore Me

12. Friday Mourning

13. I Have Forgiven Jesus

14. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

15. Shoplifters Of The World Unite

16. Irish Blood, English Heart

17. You Know I Couldn't Last

18. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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Personally I hate Morrissey. All he does is whine and bitch about how sad and lonely he is, and he just sits on my couch all day, and eats my food. Would it kill him to tidy up a little or maybe do some dishes or buy his own weed!

That's some funny sh!t. I've hated that guy since he moved in. Him and Elton John living in Scotty's crawl space. Dude you've gotta take control of your place!

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I'd love to hear the live morrissey, although something tells me it might be just average...

Now live Smiths, that's some good sh!t...the album Rank is wicked....now if only morrissey and Marr would agree to reconcile their differences for 6 months...long enough for them to tour to Canada, I'd be one happy person.

As far as the Oscar Wilde bussiness...he's a huge fan, citing him in several interviews as somewhat of his muse, as well as in a song lyric or two....

" A dreaded sunny day

so I meet you at the cemetery gates

Keats and Yeats are on your side

while Wilde is on mine..." From Cemetary Gates

His lyrics are so darkly funny, it's just a wonder more people don't appriciate them...

"I crashed down on the crossbar

and the pain was enough to make

a shy, bald buddhist reflect

and plan a mass-murder" From Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before...

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Yes, no question, The Smiths were a great group.

Johnny Marr is still out there and a few years back he, Eddie Vedder (vocals) Pearl Jam, Ed OBrien (guitar,vocals) Radiohead, Phil Selway (drums) Radiohead,Lisa Germano (vocals, piano, violin), all got together with Neil Finn of Split Enz and Crowded House for a week of shows in Auckland, NZ. The DVD is a nice watch and interesting combination of musicians. Finn sings "There Is A Light" from "The Queen Is Dead" and if your eyes are closed, you'd swear it's Morrissey.



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vedder, marr, selway. finn...wha! where can i get this? i need to see this...

The DVD is called "Seven Worlds Collide" and can be found under Neil Finn. There is also a compilation CD of the concert with selected tunes.

The DVD is a "live show" put together from the shows put on over the week at the St. James Theatre which is an awesome venue. Great interviews with all of the performers. Makes you want to move, or at the very least, visit NZ.



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