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what's with the wolf and the moon?


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ever notice this (or something relatively close to it)?


I just came back inside from an extended cruise (it's absolutely beautiful outside) and am mind boggling at catching TWO different wolf howling at the moon scenes on TWO different vans on the road.

It seems like everywhere I go recently i'm catching this howl at the moon print. The other night at the Golden Tap this girl had a huge wolf howling at the moon clear across the front of her.

I'm just wondering if there's some kind of significance of this print. ??? I seem to see a lot of sweatshirts and stuff like that with it printed on them at tiny country craft stores located on the side of highways. the kind where there's no actual parking lot, but just an expanse of dirt that you can just pull off into.

It seems to be pretty popular. that's all i'm saying.

anyone in here fashion this kind of stuff? is there something i should know about?

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The other night at the Golden Tap this girl had a huge wolf howling at the moon clear across the front of her.

HAA! I'm not at all surprised! That place is animal shirt heaven!

I have a wolf howling at the moon t shirt. It's pretty cool. I also have a wolf (not howling) sweatshirt, a deer sweatshirt, and a bear sweatshirt.

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i want this button..


I have a button-making machine. I'll make you that button!

d_rawk, I don't think it's a Chatham thing as much as it's a small town hick thing.

All of my articles were gifts; not to say I wouldn't buy myself some sweet howlin' wolf gear! They really do wonders for my confidence! I feel like I can frickin rock anyone who gives me trouble when I have the wildlife gear on.

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ooooh, that's a great wolf shirt, birdy. bacon, you should work on adding that one into your collection.

and actually, backbacon did purchase the original wolf sweater that spawned his entire collection. he found it in the chatham goodwill (or salvation army, i forget which). i remember the event clearly, because after he came up to me & showed me the beautiful sweater & asked me if i thought he should get it, he came back up to me a few minutes later & showed me a grease stain he found on it. the reason i remember this, is that his next question after finding the grease stain was "do you think this makes it better or worse?"

we both agreed it made it much better, of course.

sadly, those original wolves did not survive the wash. but it turned out okay -- their tragic demise just made for many gifts of nature themed clothing from here clear to cali.

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