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just how far is the ghost town from ottawa, anyone?

i can't find the town using online mapping. i think someone told me it was about 8 hours (which is too far) but just checking, i'm not sure.

I think it's about 7 hours. IIRC, the nearest town is Durham, ON.

Frontier Ghost Town is located approximately 2 hours northwest of Toronto, 90 minutes north of Kitchener, and 20 minutes south of Owen Sound.

Looking at a map:

- follow Highway 6 north of Guelph and continue north on Highway 6 about 10 km past Durham

MapQuest says it's about 7 hours / 375 miles.



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You've got mail.

is it regarding izzy's? i want CTMF to move there again

sorry man, that's why they're called Private Messages ;) as far as i know there will never be another fest at Izzy's. GRCA (Grand River Conservation Authority) has taken over and it's strictly fam-camping now.

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don`t care about the weather.

I`ll miss you Willy BUT in your absense I will bring my +++A game and try to have enough fun for the both of us...I haven`t brought it out in quite some time so I think I`ll be in fine form!

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"so as so" doesn`t make sense
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It is supposed to be nice: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/14day/pages/CAON0201.htm

Just thinking of being in the saloon... I can't wait!

And phorbesie, I don't know what's not too far, but those estimates seem a little high to me. My memory is foggy on how long it actually takes, but from Ottawa I would guess it would take you the same amount of time to get to Ghost Town as it would to get to Izzy's.

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