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Saw an ad for this in the Ottawa XPress. Strip club meets music festival! I suppose it was bound to happen. I haven't heard of any of these bands.

Monkey Junk - Tony D/Steve Marriner

Shawn Tavenier & Silver Creek - w/ Anders Drerup & Jeff Rogers

Revolver w/Nick Walsh ex Slik Toxic

Counter Clock

Distant Society

A Plot Against Me

Paradise City (Guns N' Roses Tribute act)

Big Mojo





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This is really odd. I was just mowing my lawn, and a neighbour introduced himself. Among other things, he mentioned that his son is the drummer of a band called "Revolver" and the lead singer is from Slik Toxic.

I then came in here, and opened this thread, like 10 minutes later.

Should I tell my neighbour his son is featured at "Nudefest"?

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Should I tell my neighbour his son is featured at "Nudefest"?


You know the whole good nude vs bad nude thing. Well, I think that people dancing nude would be a bad nude deal. There's lots of dance moves/positions I see at festivals that I can see not going over so well with no clothes on!

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