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NEW Phish song in iTunes


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Well, I think this song fits the pattern of some of the other later stuff, like A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing.

I need to listen to it a few more times before I can really form a solid opinion. On the first listen I hated the start of it, then got into some of the later sections, only to be turned off by others.

I dunno.

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In and out of focus, time turns elastic

In and out of focus...

In and out of focus time turns...

And when I'd stayed too long

I went outside and stared

Arms outstretched and long

Moved straight across the sky

If I could wrap my arms around this globe

Hands, touch the green and brown

I'd sink into the cold, cold ground

Seen all, seen all, seen all summer

Seen all, seen all, seen all spring

But I'm a submarine

And the submarine sinks below

the ground

A submarine...

I'm a submarine

And the submarine sinks below

the ground

In Long Lines

Now that the leaves have turned

to gold

The moments all glow

Frozen and free from time

And out here on my own

I watch it ebb and flow

Here, with the fire burning low

In the honey mist that breathes

Crooked maple fingers trembling

all around

I feel the winds that blow

Out here between the dark and


The summer's gone, and the

reeds bow down

As the colors change

All along the water line

And when it's time the landslide

will free what froze inside

While all the rocks collide

You finally see the lines

That point toward the light that

never dies

Melody, shelter in the darkness

take hold of me now

Memory, trapped in a corner

dark fingers are long

When all around streaming


Rays of blue light, calling out

Violet, Violet

Summer Sound Shower

These silver sounds are raining

down on me

Here on the wheel, the rhythm

turning all around

Up above the darkened sky is


I feel the world turning upside


Round and round, and the

hailstones pound

On the ground

Splinters of Hail


There are the reasons

that we lay down on the


Drawn through a funnel, all

the colors run together

Turning brown

Wait for the waves to come

and carry me away

Down on the ground the

sounds of voices in the

echoes seem to say


As the carousel circles


Watch while the ripples decay

in this rolling time

And cascading, the winds set

the wheels in motion

And it's turning in the mist

around me

Rolling and turning in the

mist around me

Kissed by the water and held

in your mother's arms

Green where you tumble and

roll in these fields

The shapes of bodies that shift

in the sun

While the blossoms all scream

and it sleeps around me

The earth in these memories heals around me

In and out of focus, time turns elastic

Time turns...

Touches these woods and the

waters all paved with gold

Gleaming in daylight the

voices ring on

They pull while pointing

lay down in the storm

And this life, it's bending and

swelling around me

Turning and peeling into the

mist around me

The winds all rising in the west

around me

And the carousel turns into

breath around me

In and out of focus, time turns


Time turns...

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The "lots of extras" thing has nothing to do with the new songs, or even the quality of the band's live shows. That was the case in 03 and 04, and the only thing different now is that it is 09.

Hype only lasts as long as demand is greater than supply. There is demand for SOME of the shows this spring/summer than cannot be met by the supply (Fox, Asheville, Friday Jones Beach, Red Rocks), but many of the other shows already have tickets going for below face on resale sites.

This thread on PT is the weekly "ticket bubble report", which has shown the steady decline in the resale value of Phish tickets.

Like I have said before, you can expect to find tickets for MANY of the shows this tour in the lot for well below face, especially if you don't mind lawn tickets.

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Haven't listened to the song but I can't believe those are the actual lyrics. Is their even a precedent for a song with that many words let alone that many derivative and facile configurations of fluff. I can't believe that dude is NOT doing drugs. That's like an eight and a half line tune (big Trey line lines).

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