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RC: Railroad Earth Lees Palace


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Great show last night - the band are such a delight to watch - they really have a great sense of dynamics and the fiddle player was really something else - his playing reminded me of that of a guitar player - a la - Trey - his lines sing and soar.

The Closer "Acadian Driftwood" was awesome!

Totally reminded me of Burt Neilson band's 10 Year Anniversary!

Thanks to so many who came out - it's great to see that this little known band found a really energetic audience on their first time through town.

looks like the Jam scene may be on the rebound in Toronto w/ Mike Gordon, moe., Wassabi Collective coming and I'm sure much more coming up.


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No worries, it was taped and will be on the archive soon.

We were running small mics and they were right above the SBD and the dat was beside the sound guy. Thought we could get an SBD patch so my buddy didn't bring mics. Lucky enough someone had some mics in the car and we hooked them up. We missed Bird in a house and 420 but everything else was taped.

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August 6, 2009

Lee's Palace

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Support: Mark Weinstock

Railroad Earth:

Set 1:

Bird in a House


Happy Song

Old Man and the Land

Stillwater Getaway

Little Bit O' Me

New Lee Highway Blues -->


Set 2:


The Forecast

Bread and Water

Mourning Flies

Crossing the Gap

Warhead Boogie -->

Dover to Dunkirk




Acadian Driftwood

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