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Two things you'll never hear me say again...

Super Freak

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I'm gonna get a few things out of my system. This is the last time, so here goes...

I've been given'r for years. I gave'r and gave'r till I could give no more. Given'r is starting to suck. Suck bad. Maybe I just suck at given'r. Or maybe everyone who gives'r sucks. You suck, I suck, we all suck. Suck, suck, suck, give'r, give'r, give'r.

If I ever say these things again, I'll eat my own face. [Roll Eyes]

Enough already. [Wink]

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How can a word really be that annoying when you listen to bands with guitarists who wank for 45 minutes on stage in front of you then do it again the next nite? I figure we all share the board and the language so if it pisses you off stop reading it or kick my ass when you next see me givin'er, but I'm gonna say what I wanna. I'm not saying anything offensive, I'm just havin'a good time, man! [big Grin]

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Ah, Super Freak, your message was like music to my ears. I am so f'ing sick and tired of hearing that I could scream. In fact, the next show I see you at, let's grab a beer and have a good scream. It amazes me that it almost seems to have replaced all intelligent tangible conversation for some people. It's almost as though they're dogs and can communicate entirely with barks (and the odd growl). So, a plea to everyone out there:

Please let's lay this one to rest and go back to having meaningful exchanges on the board.

PS: You know, it's strangely reminescent of "Whazzzup?"

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Phishy K...not following at all, but congrats to you and your sex drive. [smile]

Thongor, if you don't like the music you go see, ie wanking guitars, don't go. PS. I save kickin' ass for people who intrest me, not 20 year olds who just discovered partying. I never said any of the things in your post. By all means do what you want. It won't affect me AT ALL. [big Grin]

Instagator- you are cruisin' for the proverbial bruisin' [Wink]

Um, Biff, read my post. It says you will not hear ME say these things...I never said anything about anyone else. PS...when I dump...you will know it. I don't do anything on the internet to make feel like more of a person, I save that shit for real life. Looking foward to post #29. [Roll Eyes]

PalacePrincess...don't let this get you down, it wasn't meant for that. [big Grin]

The rest o' y'all...Some really funny stuff there...You guys are the best!!! [big Grin]


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In Super Freak's defence (not that she needs me to defend her) she didn't say "everyone who says 'suck' & 'give'r' should stop", she said that she was gonna try to stop using these words. (And for the record SF, I for one would like to see you try to eat your own face, but I'm weird like that! [Wink] )

Yes, the implication is that these terms are overused, but I think that's a pretty legitimate argument - whether to you like them or not, they are terms that are used a lot in this scene, and perhaps some are growing tired of it. Others, perhaps are not, hey fine, keep on givin'r 'til ya think give'r sucks!

She also, you may have noticed used this smiley: [Wink] to indicate a wink and that what she's saying probably should be taken purely at face value anyway. Make sure you read the whole message and take it in context before you take offense.

Oh, and for the record, what SF said is far, FAR less obnoxious than unequivocally without implied irony or jest saying someone else's favorite band sucks. [Razz][Wink]


Mr. M.

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Um...LMP...did you just say that...Do you really think that was necessary. Too much.

Ok, you're right... it was a little over the line. Sorry about that... but is this THREAD really necessary? People are gonna get defensive when you tell them they're favorite word... or sorry, when you tell YOURSELF you shouldn't use a word anymore... that everyone uses all the time.

[Confused] .

I'm confused. Anyways, I'm not here to make enemies... I liked things better when we could all just be silly, agree to disagree and giv'er.

Can this board ever recover from the Rush debate?

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