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favourite covers


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Perhaps its time someone told me how to embed videos... Clues folks?

Blind Melon- Candy Says (Velvet Underground)

Unfortunately, I don't think they ever even played this live. B side of the German Change enhanced slimline cd single, also featuring a live version of Paperscratcher and the "Ripped Away" version of No Rain and Change. Also included in the cd single I found in a bargain bin in NYC for $1.49!! : two limited edition postcards of the band in promo shots from 1993 signed and numbered by the band (#63 of 100).

VU version:


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hmmm, i dont think of phish playing loving cup as a cover. i just think of phish playing loving cup as phish playing loving cup. i think covers have to be some sort of new spin on the original, that makes ya go, hey i know this, what is this? i think,

johnny cash - hurt (NIN) is simply the best cover song ever recorded.

other good ones are,

talking heads - take me to the river (al green)

manfred mann's earth band - blinded by the light (springsteen)

bauhaus - ziggy stardust (david bowie)

marilyn manson - sweet dreams (are made of these) (eurythmics)

fiest - inside out (bee gees)

white stripes - jolene (dolly parton)

william shatner - lucy in the sky with diamonds (beatles)

and, of course,

devo - satisfaction (rolling stones)

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  • Rye Whiskey (trad) - Frank Fairfield
  • Ain't No Sunshine - William Elliott Whitmore
  • Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
  • Simple Twist Of Fate - Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead
  • Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash
  • Foot Of Pride - Lou Reed
  • Seven Days - Ron Wood

This list could go on for quite a long time, but there's a few anyway.

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