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  1. LOL Guyyyy Smiley! hahaha Happy Birthday too yoou! Happy Birthday too yoooooou, Happy birthday to Lorrraiiiiinnnnnnnnnee.... Happy Birthday too yooooooooooooou!!! (imagine me singing all high at the end!!) Love ya!!! *high cheers!!*
  2. Still have extras for my friend.. lawns but they are the first sale...
  3. Blackalicious--- Blazing Arrow.. soo neat and strange and funky A TRIBE CALLED QUEST! This is the band that got me into Hip hop Lee REED!! I second that, he's awesome K os... His new Album, YES is really really great. I also like his first album Jurrasic 5 is also pretty kickass Band of Brothers-- Hip Hop mixed with the Dead!! dude.
  4. WOOOOOOOOO looks awesome!!! Glad to see Caution Jam, Gruve, Tim Turvey, Deisil Dog, Fatties, Evenvelope 3 n the Subterreaneans!! WOAh cannot waiiit!
  5. Sarahbelle

    RRE Tomorrow

    wooot I am pretty excited for this!! Can't wait to see everyone ( and see some jammy funky bluegrass!!!)
  6. woooah awesome!!!!!! I loved seeing moe. @ the operahouse in like... 2001ish??? what a kickass show
  7. Sarahbelle

    RRE Tomorrow

    woot I'm excited!! I dig music!!
  8. My friend also has 2 tix for the show... turns out I can't make it cause of finances! PM me if U can!!!!!!
  9. Hey Everyone, I just heard about this last week. They are trying to build a business park on this land that is full of trees and wildlife. I personally think it's really horrible. We went through almost the same thing in Hamilton with the Red Hill Creek expressway. There are people staying there right now trying to protect the land, today there is a court order trying to get them off. Check out the link and if you can do anything at all, even just letting other people know I'm sure it would help!!! http://www.landismoreimportantthansprawl.com/
  10. That's sweeet!! But U guys need to play around here again.. it's been too long!!!
  11. I'm super pumped for this show!!! can't wait to boogie down!!!!!
  12. I had some Pele Island Sauvignon Blanc it was tasty!! I also really love how all the Pele Island wines have birds/butterflies/ other local wildlife on their bottles. I love the Yellowtail Blush right now, it's really nice for the summer I love red wine too, I have yet to find a red wine I am hooked on.. I usually just go with an inexpensive bottle
  13. my dad loves to rock the 'pull up your socks super high with shorts" look He also has these super dark glasses cause he flies model airplanes so they fit over his regular glasses... He's also a university prof/electrical engineer which explains his non sense of style/ dad style
  14. woohooo I am going to be broke for a long time after this... but it's really exciting... and a bit scary too...
  15. lol .. so I've decided to go for it!! Wish me luck evveryone..
  16. See U guys there! lookin forward to it!!!
  17. YAY!! my friend's band the subterreaneans are playing on saturday, they are really great and they are also playing at labour day come together and they are super pysched for that!!! http://www.myspace.com/thesubterraneansproper YAY to you too Kevin!! I hope I get to see you. I'm also looking for a ride up on saturday from Toronto if anyone can...
  18. Sooo, I was perusing appartments on kijiji.com, and I found this place that is really awesome. My friend Amy used to live there, and it's just right for me!! The only thing is, I can't really afford it right now. My dad offered the option of getting the money from the bank to pay for first n last months rent. I am kinda nervous, because what if I get the loan, but don't get the appartment?? I really want this place, and I really need to move cause I live at home. What do you guys think??? It's a big step for me, I've never rented a place before, and part of me is super excited but another part is super freaked... lol.... :grin:
  19. My friend Lauren (hippyrastachild) is looking for a ride from South Hampton if anyone knows someone...
  20. if I lived in kitchner, and I was going to hillside I'd be in!! but since niether of those things are true, I say KICKASS! and GOOD vibes....be safe
  21. I saw kevO in Korea in 2006... does that count???
  22. lol you guys are waay too clever for me... I've just snuck it in in a non see through waterbottle... or in my bra which is always a good spot lol... Just so you know, don't bring a 26er in your coat.. badddd idea ....
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