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  1. Freaker, I'll take them if you haven't unloaded them yet.
  2. Planning on hitting the New York Cafe or Old Nick before the show. Lots of great options in the area.
  3. Short's guest spot on Letterman was many years ago when Candy was an owner of the Argos and Dave asked Martin about the Grey Cup game that Martin attended in Winnipeg (the game where Rocket Ismail almost got hit by a frozen beer can). Short's a Ticat fan, being born and raised in the city you call home. It was a really funny segment.
  4. How wrong you are. One is Roughriders while the other went by Rough Riders. As Martin Short once said to David Letterman when describing how you can tell who won when the teams faced each other: "Canadians know who won".
  5. With the lineup, I think the organizers were targeting a specific older (and wealthier) demographic. I can't see too many fans of Bieber or One Direction shelling out big bucks to help out. Still, it would've been great to see Arcade Fire or another big current band rocking it out, but I'm not sure the phones would be ringing off the hook for them either. Phish with Neil Young at Farm Aid was a fundraising and ratings disaster (great set though!). The worst segment of the entire night was that brutally unfunny Jason Sudeikis bit with the drunken uncle.
  6. I didn't mind Kanye's performance. I forgot how many hits he has. I wanted more from MaccaNirvana. I loved their nasty collaboration and I want that cigar-box guitar for Christmas.
  7. My sister is a dietician at the Belleville General and my brother-in-law is involved with the BIA in the County (he works in Picton). If you could commute from a spot in the County - Picton or Bloomfield - to Belleville, do so. JFD pretty much nailed it, but I find Belleville one of the most dead and depressing cities that I've visited in the province (even Gault, Trenton and Brantford have more going for them)... and FUCK the BULLS. County wine is really coming along. My favourite winery is Huff Estates. There are over 65 other wineries in the County and Barley Days Brewery (yes, I hate the n
  8. Schilling doesn't deserve to go in before Morris. Both are worthy though.The main reason Jack's not in is that he didn't talk to the media and the scribes do the voting. Morris's numbers are better in many categories, although no Cy Youngs. Heck, the dominant pitchers in the AL in the 80s and 90s are overlooked.
  9. Seconds after his dismissal, Giorgio Mammoliti quits Ford's executive committee saying, amongst other things, is doing what his constituents want. WTF? He's waaaay worse than the Fords. Slimball backstabbing snake.
  10. I'm a Moon, Pete and Entwistle guy, in that order. Rog will always finish last. I read that Palladino's bass is placed much higher in the mix during this tour, which, if true, is good news since many of the Quadrophenia anthems were Entwistle-driven.
  11. I like Gibby. Never saw this coming though. Say what you will but he handled pitchers really well and had a couple of prima donnas to deal with. AA sounds excited. Interesting move.
  12. Ironically, their first tour without the Ox sold well. Toronto sold out and so did many other dates. It makes no sense other than Pete was back playing mostly electric guitar after abandoning it for over a decade. The reviews for the Rog & Pete Quadrophenia tour so far have been positive, with Rog's voice holding up for the duration, which is surprising.
  13. This is unbelievable news. Although he resurfaced for a tour in the '90s, Otis has been a virtual recluse since the early '70s when he was barely in his 20s. Tickets for the Phoenix show go on sale through TM, Soundscapes and Rotate This on Nov. 15. Here's his story: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/shuggie-otis-mn0000752773
  14. True enough. POG's memory just recently resurfaced after this summer's MMJ show.
  15. The end was exciting... in the France-Spain match.
  16. Jaimoe


    Available at the Richmond and Hampton Park LCBOs in Ottawa that I know of. Yes' date=' this is a seriously good beer. Easily the best thing Amsterdam has ever brewed. [/quote'] Great IPA and I agree about your Amsterdam assessment.
  17. ^^^ Yes. The gal band is more country, but can bring on the rock when called upon.
  18. Well worth going. The front is standing room with no seats, although nobody sat during the show. I said to my wife I can't remember seeing an audience respond to an opening band as much unbridled enthusiasm like they did last night. Pockey rules!
  19. Great show (first of two at the former O'Keefe and later Hummingbird Centres), even though the mix on Jack White's vocals was spotty throughout, which didn't make sense given that I was sitting beside the soundboard and the excellent opener, Pokey Lafarge, sounded pitch perfect. Regardless, Jack and company still delivered. White brought out his six-piece lady band to back him and did selections from all of his various incarnations including some dark as fuck Dead Weather and Raconteurs; they really jammed out "Steady as She Goes" and “Salute Your Solutionâ€. Many in the sold out venue seeme
  20. I've been known to drive women to lesbianism, so I guess I'm out.
  21. I'm glad the new look Danforth is good. I liked all three incarnations of the Danforth over the past 12 years (this is its second major renovation and most dramatic, although I really miss the original plush red and gold lobby, small as it was). At least the Opera House's neighbourhood has improved greatly over the past 5 years; if only that dump could do likewise. The Sound Academy was just purchased by a big club developer in the city, so hopefully he'll fix it up. If not, it should be destroyed and the sound techs should be arrested for ruining would-be great shows (Sharon Jones deserved fa
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