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Simpsons in Canada


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I wasn't let down.

From taking the cues of the last few years, I knew what to expect. Not much.

What burns me the most is the way they actually worked Canada into the story line.

Instead of coming up with a funny reason to go to canada, they got Bart dating? Then he's got to talk his entire family into going to Canada because of Rainer's daughter? If they are going to do something that doesn't make sense, why not make it funny?

I'm pretty sure that them working Phish into an episode will be just as retarded.

This was called a Canada Episode, and it wasn't one. The 'plotline' just sucked anyway.

The Phish one won't be a Phish episode either. It's one about medicinal pot and they work phish into it. It may be good because of the actually 'plotline'. When homer gets fucked up, it's usually pretty funny.

I got a kick out of the shuttlebus driver. "You're driving on the wrong side."

Driver: I'm drunk

Did they (simpson's writers) have something to say about canadian DUI laws?

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yes, totally agreed except that i kind of expected it cuz i haven't seen a non-disappointing simpsons in a long time... but i keep watching week after week ofcourse...

bouche had a good point, that it was canoe and global making all the hype wasn't it? not the simpsons....

i was also extra disappointed about the usual potshots, and stupid ones too actually (birth place of paul schaffer? huh?) when there are so many canadian writers on the payroll down there. you'd think they woulda thrown in at least a couple of 'inside jokes' that we would get....

oh well...

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Colour me disappointed. I kept watching it, thinking, "When are they going to get to go to T.O.?" For all the Toronto they featured, it could just as easily been St. Louis or Paris or Salt Lake City (which might have been better: they could have had some Olympic jokes). The jokes could have been better: they used American stereotypes of Canada/Canadians, whereas it would have been more fun to use Canada to point out weird/bad/ugly stuff in the U.S.A.

I was thinking that this season was a letdown; this episode confirms it.



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I must admit laughing a number of times when they finally made it to Canada, because after seeing the 'first third' of the show, I knew they werent going to get there until the 'last third'...

Lisa: Dad, its says "dont walk"

Homer: It doesnt matter, they have free health care.

(HJS gets hit by car)


A number of funny scenes went down when they made it to TO but if you spent the whole show waiting for them to get there, (In Homer Simpson's voice) BOY ARE YOU AN IDIOT! wink.gif" border="0

'Obey The Rules'

Ps: If you want to watch a cartoon and NOT be disappointed on a regular basis, watch The Family Guy. Soooooooooo much better.

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I got a kick out of the Canadian Olympic Basketball team joke! And the abuse of our accents....

All in all, I think we are being a little harsh. Keep in mind no one from the Simpsons camp was pumping this up as a Canadian episode, its just that with so little international recognition the Canadian media jumped all over this one.

I would rather watch the worst Simpsons episode than most of the other crap on TV. At least after 11 (?) years the show is still amusing. I can't say the same for Frasier or Friends.

And the Phish episode will probably be the same. Around 30 seconds to 1 minute of screen time for the boys. And again with so little mainstream recognition we are all hyping that one up too. At least we can all sit and listen to a little "Antelope" during prime time TV!

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I definitely agree that malcolm in the middle and Family guy are 2 super underrated shows. I think they are hilarious! As for the Simpsons, I was beginning to think they were showing another episode until the last 5 minutes, pretty lame. The CN tower scene was especially weak. I hope they don't decide to come to Ottawa.

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k, call me crazy but i laughed myself stupid watching the simpsons last night. But maybe it was because i watched it with a close friend from NYC. MAybe i laughed my ass off cuz HE was laughing his ass off, especially at all the Canada shit. Which made me realize that this whole Canada episode is to make Americans laugh at our expense, not vise versa. But hey, in our worldly Canadian way, we should be able to laugh at the americans for laughing at us.

blah blah blah , just rantin' and ravin'.

well, here's some real Canadian pride.....


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Admittedly, the episode had very little Canada in it, but as someone before mentioned, only Global and others like them promoted it as having more. I thought it was funny. For all of you who didn't mention this (or notice, shame on you, or even know, shame, shame, double shame), "Take Off" as sung by Getty Lee from Bob and Doug's Great White North album was featured. Saving grace in my books. Show me a Canadian who hasn't heard this classic in it's entirety, and I'll show you a Canadian who should have by now. I wonder if this song or any excerpt from this album has ever been played on american television before.

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RUSH SUCKS, RUSH ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SUCKS, RUSH IS THE WORST THING TO COME OUT OF CANADA, Q107 HOUSE BAND. sorry. they suck, bad. why not use young/robertson/bare naked ladies for freaking sakes!!!! not RUSH. oh well, the americans think Rush is the greatest thing to come from Canada, shows what they know.

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ha ha 'i think its ok to like rush... --> but dont let me hear of you listening to anything after '82 or this whole board is gonna come over to your house and kick your mainstream ass !'

wha? ... you mean you didn't like 'roll the bones' ?

(sorry, the statement just struck me as funny...)

music or no music, i'm a proud canadian, and rush is as much a symbol of my country as say anne murray, bob and doug or moose and beaver in my opinion...

sort of related...

i've been downloading some triumph lately to check that out....

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Originally posted by secondtube:



Steve and I agree on something musical, that isn't related to Phish.

A-ma-zing! shocked.gif" border="0

Will he be on New Deal tour by the end of the year? grin.gif" border="0

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