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hi everyone,

i am about to register my new business, and i need a good name...

background: i'm in the internetworking business, creating and selling specialized cabling harnesses, and selling network equipment to large corporate businesses.

i've come up with a few, but haven't really hit a name that works for me so much yet. must be somewhat short, strong, easy to remember, etc. etc. and probably go with Technologies.

ie. Corenet Technologies

Any help would be invaluable, and if i use your suggestion, u will be duly noted, and rewarded appropriately.

thanks for the help....


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netcarrier is nice - i like terrapin too

corenet sounds a lot like "Corn Nut Technologies" - might be fitting for you though? grin.gif" border="0 - hmmm you cornnut? ha ha, just kidding!

cabling, eh?.. hmmm, hey hood, can you give my husband a job?! wink.gif" border="0

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Guest Low Roller

Nevermind my earlier post. Netcarrier is taken.

All the good names (and a lot of the crappy ones) are already taken.

Treynet Solutions?

"I Gotz Big Fancy Wirez" Technologies?

(Oh God, I'm so bored right now...)

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-Volume/Volum(with the umlaut)



-Malleated technologies(the metal in the cable...stretched...nifty huh)

-Mazerat(can be pronounced Maze Rat or maws-rat or mah-zeh-rah- the fastest through the network gets the cheese...)

Samson(you could open a sister company called delilah)

Ether island tech(the logo could be a smiling giant head statue)

we always underbid technologies

BangBuck technologies - 'we're the most'

if i win feel free to repay me by visiting me...i like it when people come to london to party.

i'll think of more later...

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Tap Technologies

Termination Technologies

Tripper Technologies

Truckin' Technologies

CableTrain Technologies

Tom Thumb Technologies

Toodleloo Technologies

Why Does It Hurt When I Pee Technology

Twisted Technologies

Two Jacks Technologies

Talk Technologies

Pipeher Technologies

Tweeprise Technologies

shocked.gif" border="0

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thanks guys---keep them coming

i like the treytech and the treyter technologies, terrapin is a good one too! a couple others have come up too

how about CableIT like cable it or information technologies...kind've a half good play on words i think...still looking though.

all this help is appreciated greatly...good to have creative friends...

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