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QOTD 12-03-02


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I think it's time to start compiling the yearly "Tunez for the holidays" compilation.

I made one a couple of years ago when napster was just gettin' real big. Napster rocked for that.

I've got a good list, but I'm hoping to get some new ideas from y'all.

To the Question:

What is your favorite christmas tune?

Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney

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Guest Low Roller

South Park Christmas Album with such classics like:

"Christmas Time In Hell"

"The Lonely Jew on Christmas"

"Merry Fucking Christmas"

"The Most Offensive Song Ever"

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I have to give my Mom and Dad credit for playing this album over and over and over at Christmas time when I was a kid. Every year it would be the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas album. It just ain't Christmas without it!

My favorite songs on it were:

-I Believe in Santa Clause

-Christmas Without You

-Once upon a Christmas

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i forget what it's called but i've been singing it for a month now. it goes like this:

duhn nuh nuh nuh. duhn nuh nuh nuh. duhn nuh nuh nuh.... (that keeps going, raising in intensity)

and then this part:

nuh nenenenene nuh nuh

nuh nenenenene nuh nuh

I don't know the words either, but I think nero is going to be playing it on their holiday tour!

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Yeah, carol of the bells. Doesn't sound familiar but I bet that's it. nothing would sound familiar because i don't think i ever knew the name of it.

i have to agree too. bowie/ bing crosby's "littel drummer boy' is creepy awesome!

I've yet to hear it, but I bet beck's little drum machine boy is quite interesting.

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yeah, it certainly wouldn't be christmas if boney m didn't get a spin... [Wink] had to suffer thru that one quite a bit as a child...

but seriously, louis armstrong's got this tune "zat you santa claus" and it's cool and duke ellington's take the holiday train album is quite good...

i'm really not a fan of regular christmas songs...maybe it's the unbearable cornyness?? c'mon now, i can't be the only one that wants to throw something when i hear "frosty the snowman" or take my own life when "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" comes on, can i??!

but i love christmas.

really. [Wink]

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My two favorite "modern" Christmas songs have similar names but very different sentiments:

"I Believe In Father Christmas" - Greg Lake/ELP

"Father Christmas" - The Kinks

The latter is the one with the following refrain:

Father Christmas, give us some money

Don't mess around with those silly toys.

We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over

We want your bread so don't make us annoyed

Now that's festive! [Wink]


Mr. M.

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I like all of those ide'ers...

I just wish I could remember the tune that Paul McCartney did in the eighties. I think that was a good one, but for the life of me, I cannot recall what it's called.

Here are a few that I'll try and find too...

do they know it's christmas - bananarama and various artists

merry xmas (war is over) - lennon

santa claus is back in town - elvis

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug Mackenzie

H, I'll make you one.

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