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moe down bands

Pablo Sanchez

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oooooh, i was already thinkin' of hitting this festival up, but finally getting to see the drive by truckers just might seal the deal!!!! that's a maybe i wanna see turn into yes!!!!

and wait just a gosh darned minute, why don't i see nero on that list???? where pray tell will they be playing labour day weekend???

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Even better was the Brownstein quote about why they don't get invited to play festivals.

"Certainly, there are some fans that have made our lives difficult just in the way that they act at the shows. Our fan base has a bad reputation (sorry it's true), and that has hurt us more than anything. There are some festivals that just won't have us, and it isn't because they don't like me or Jon, or the music, it is because they don't want our fans there. I never believed it, because I know our fans are so great, but there is a bad element, and they are more visible than the good element. Recently I was at a Robert Randolph show at the E-factory, and i was with A friend, and he said, "you know how you guys have a bad rep for your fans?" I said, "yeah that's garbage." He said, "you see those nice sober preppy kids sitting on that bench over there (we were near the concessions in the entrance), take away those nice people and replace them with twenty cracked out hippies who can't nearly stand up, and you got a biscuits show." I laughed, because I've seen it at Phish shows, but I know he's right. Kids get too wasted at our shows and it hurts us. It hurts us, and it hurts them. It sucks, because everyone wants to know why we aren't playing here and why we aren't playing there, and about fifty percent of the time, if it's a festival, it's because we didn't want to or couldn't go for some reason. The other fifty percent of the time, it's because the festival promoter doesn't want our kids there. They view it as a liability. "

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the policy is that acts other than moe. only get to play the festival once.

well that's silly -- what, are they afraid of getting their thunder stolen? (kidding, kidding). moe. & nero go so wonderfully together, they should make an exception. maybe if they get bajillions of emails saying "where is nero, why aren't they playihng" they'll reconsider! i must have at least 3 hotmail accounts.... hahahaha.

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